Big Brother In The Sky

By: William P. Frasca

Look up into the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s a Drone. Drones aren’t new; by any stretch of the word, in fact we hear something about them everyday relating to their military capabilities with an outstanding success rate. Their missions performed in hostile enemy territory, are unmatched by any opponent encountered with no harm or injury administered to any of our troops, because they’re unmanned. They’re an essential documented weapon that virtually attacks and destroys, when necessary, all adversities, eliminating all known aggressive combatants, terrorist and their leaders.

As we admire these modern day marvels, we can only be elated at the outcome performed relating to their excellent achievements. As Americans we should be proud of our Yankee ingenuity, but should we also be cautious, that we are not authorizing and cheering on an approved Big Brother complex waiting in the wings, ready to use all its abilities to watch our every move?

The Obama Administration is now considering, or could have already started these Drones to be flown in American airspace, which is suppose to be used as a tool in aiding law enforcement. Its capacity is to monitor any and all criminal activities and a pertinent protector of national defense.

Our history has proven that we as Americans must question any and all Government motives for their sincerity? Whenever they try, to increase their illegal, unauthorized, powers in the name of protection and the law, we lose a little more of our freedoms. Whenever they try to use an established justification to circumvent the Constitution, by passing and misinterpreting the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights we lose a little move of our freedoms.

This added program, if associated with National Security of our boarders, would inhabit a very popular response, but we should never be so complacent, as to blindly say, “The Government Knows What Its Doing”? Certain particular mandatory established rules, regulations and protections must be adhered to its performance.

Very few would question or offer any objections to them. Especially if they are properly used to patrol, seek and observe all unwelcome invaders, terrorist activities, thieves, cartels, drugs, murders, kidnappers, who are ready, willing and able to illegally cross over into American soil initiating despicable acts of violence, harm, injury or destruction. Or when it is operated as an enhanced aid to enforce law enforcement over American skies, to combat and defeat crime, would possibly make a lot of sense, but where does the legitimacy start and ends?

These factors, including monitoring our shores, would obviously increase tolerability as a legitimate welcomed instrumental apparatus of resistance. But wouldn’t anyone feel a little threatened, victimized or violated if they were secretly observing your every movement while relaxing on the beach with your family, or on a boat, with friends and family docked at a pier?

Could they be used on non-productive surveillances to improperly spy on innocent private citizens, living their personal lives by performing simple acts such as having a barbecue, cutting the grass or swimming in a pool? Would they still be appropriately received and welcomed with open arms?

What would actually happen if by some remote chance these Drones are hacked into their system, manipulated and maneuvered by hostile forces or our sworn enemies?

No question, these Drones exceeded their worth in performance, and they can easily improve our quality of life, but at what cost, our liberty? Will they relinquish too much malicious unmanageable power into the wrong hands?

This is another huge enormous intrusion into our lives, without our permission, justified in the name of a fortified shield against evil. This information was minimized to the public, by the media, what else is new? If it’s written and approved by our Pharaoh Barack Hussein Obama, “the Chosen One then it will be done and obeyed. What happened to a government that was established by these words and principles, A Government Of, By and For the People?

There are too many questions to answer? Will there be proper searches and seizes, with approved warrants, or will there be escalated exploitations committed by the same people that were sworn to obey and defend the Constitution? Could all information, pictures and personal activities collected, be made public without proper consent, and do process, disregarding our equal and balanced scales of justice which claims a person is innocent until proven guilty?

Will there be any reprimands or ramifications issued to anyone illegally obtaining information, by these Drones? Don’t think there will be no abuses! We are venturing into a new realm of investigating, reviewing and documenting, with the potentiality of causing destruction. What will be the checks and balances to protect the innocent? Who, What, When, Where and How will this be monitored? Will proper legal procedures be enacted and followed correctly?

We all are too familiar with the Government justifying our limitation of rights, freedoms and liberties constructed and guaranteed by the Constitution if the United States. This is usually followed by abolishing all rights to an appeal.

Look what happened at our airports with the TSA, (Transportation Security Administration). Their Gestapo tactics are unacceptable in a free society. They dehumanized individuals, infants, children, disabled and the elderly. They are all fearful of checking a targeted threatening group, by following correct politically correct protocols. This idiocy is to defend against profiling, while there are packages being loaded into the aircraft unobserved and without any examinations or inspections.

This is a disgrace, which should never happen in America. Are we just going to tolerate these injustices or are we going to stop it, and peacefully bring back America as land of the free and home of the brave.

George Orwell’s visions of 1984 are beginning to develop into a molded sculpture of controllability. We as American have been identified as willing participants in government abominations, eagerly and mindlessly willing to follow with restrictions and restraints, for a false sense of feeling safe and secure.

We as American have lost our courage of protest and outrage. Where is the outcry of demanding respectable competence from the Obama Administration? Why are we forced to obey or pay the consequences by a run away government that is so arrogant it contradicts our established ideologies? Why do we sit on our hands while we are deliberately getting slapped down by selfish serving bureaucrats that don’t respect us or our wishes? Why did we as Americans allow this to happen?

Now its the Drones, then in the very near future it will be a secret organization pulling you out of your home and arresting you in the middle of the night, just for being an outspoken American Citizen or someone in power wants you out of the way. Your rights will be denied. You will appear in front of a kangaroo Magistrate and taken to prison with no, recourse, representation or appeals, never being heard from again, all this in the name of national security. Sounds familiar, well history does repeat itself?

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