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July 31, 2012

No Joke

Fido, Casper the Ghost, and Juan Valdez walk into a polling place. No this isn’t the beginning of a joke; it is a key part of the Chicago Plan to re-elect the worst President in American History.

The Voter Participation …

Gun Control Laws Only Control the Law Abiding

Just like the majority of police officers who never have to fire their gun during the course of a career, most civilians will never be shot at while watching a movie, browsing in a shopping mall or attending school. But …

Getting Jefferson Right

Filed under: History - 31 Jul 2012

V&V: Why did you write this book?

Dr. Warren Throckmorton: While researching and writing about the First Amendment last year, I saw some of David Barton’s statements about Thomas Jefferson and John Adams that didn’t seem right. When I investigated …

July 30, 2012

The Fearless Republican Women

Filed under: Politics In General,The Republicans - 30 Jul 2012

Thank God the Republican Party has courageous women on their side who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Fantastic women, of unique outstanding character, who are obviously strong, fearless, logically sound, aggressive and are strong enough to take and give …

Intellectual Orgins of the Right

Filed under: Conservatism & Libertarianism,History - 30 Jul 2012

We, as American citizens, are going to make a big decision this November. Do we elect a progressive or a conservative? These are not meaningless distinctions, there are real ideas behind them. The Progressives, as we know, got their ideas …

Runaway Agency

Filed under: The Nanny State - 30 Jul 2012

Since it began ten years ago, the 65,000 employees of the Transportation Security Administration have not caught one terrorist. Not one. Ever.

Though more than 25,000 security breaches have occurred on its watch.

July 29, 2012

If we want smaller government, drastic action may be required

Our Constitution documents how we “…establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…” Recognizing that the Constitution was open-ended, the 10th Amendment …

What Everyone Forgets When Debating Gun Control

In the wake of the Aurora mass shooting, the usual pattern is playing out with respect to gun control. People such as Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Piers Morgan and Bill Moyers are beating the drum to restrict firearm ownership, as …

Travis Manion Foundation: honoring the fallen

Filed under: American Military - 29 Jul 2012

Travis Manion of Doylestown, PA was the son of a Marine Colonel. He excelled in high school in both academics and sports rising to become an All-America wrestler. He received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy where …

July 28, 2012

The Aurora Propaganda Award Goes to…

The New York Daily News. Hands down.

The winning entry is an anti-Second Amendment Rights piece written in the wake of the Colorado tragedy, one in which virtually every line contains a callow, melodramatic appeal to emotion or an outright …

Our Civic High Priest

Filed under: In The News,Religion & Faith - 28 Jul 2012

The tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado, which killed 12 and wounded 58, has again accentuated the important role presidents play as our chief civic priest. The governor of Colorado and local clergy helped provide words of solace and encouragement to …

Friends of Angelo

Filed under: Corruption - 28 Jul 2012

We’ve obtained a report that provides more details on events leading up to the mortgage crisis.

As you recall, Congress pressured banks to make loans to borrowers with bad credit. So banks created mortgage products that carried high risk. They …

It’s The Muppet Show! With Special Guest – Liberal Ideology!

Filed under: In The News,Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 28 Jul 2012

So, The Jim Henson Company is upset that Chick-fil-A is a company that operates and promotes biblical principles, one of those principles being that marriage actually has a definition. Unfortunately, that definition does not account for man on man or …

July 27, 2012

Supreme Court Decision On Obamacare Marked The Opening Salvo Of An American Battle For Liberty

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Americans are jarred by the …

Flight school trained illegal aliens to fly aircraft in Boston

In a shocking discovery, the U.S. government allowed up to 25 illegal aliens to attend a flight school in Boston, according to a Government Accountability Office report and a Fox News Channel story on Friday.

The illegal aliens included eight who …

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