Romney Must be Elected

By: Craig Chamberlain

The courts decision on Obamacare makes the election of governor Romney an absolute necessity. The republic simply will not survive a second Obama term. A second term would mean the ultimate triumph of progressivism, and the death of constitutional republicanism. It cannot be overstated enough: If the President is reelected the constitution means nothing, and there will be no limitations on the power of the federal government and his presidency in particular.

It’s possible that this decision will energize both sides. The left, who have been tepid in their support of the President, are going to be more likely to support him if they think that the Presidents policies won’t survive without him. Conservatives are likely to be energized to vote against him for the same reason. Governor Romney must react immediately denounce the taxes, and spending, and promise that, if elected, this abomination of a law will be repealed in its entirety.

Governor Romney needs to be elected for another reason. The recent decisions coming out of the court show how important it is to have a conservative court. Four of the Supreme Court justices are in their 70′s. Scalia, Breyer, Ginsburg, and Kennedy. While they could conceivably stay on the court for many more years it is likely that the winner in November will get to nominate two or three justices to the high court. If President Obama is the winner that could mean that up to five of the justices on the court were nominated by him. I don’t even want to think of a SCOTUS with that make up.

This election will be a trans formative event. As much as the election of 1860. Will constitutionalism live or die? If the President is given a second term (God forbid) we can be sure that the answer is no. His contempt for Congress, his bullying of the courts, and his belief in unbridled executive power show that only removing him from office will keep the idea of individual liberty and division of powers. He’s going to do what he wants no matter who controls Congress. If the Democrats were to reclaim the majority they would rubber stamp all of his demands. If the GOP takes control of both houses of Congress he’ll simply ignore them and rule by executive order.

If President Obama is reelected then the idea of government with limits, with restraints, is done for. Now that the Democrats have validated Obamacare the Democrats will know no limits on the pursuit of the Progressive agenda. The complete abolition of the constitutional system. Any American, then, no matter what they think of Romney must support him if they believe in the constitution and free government.

Our choices couldn’t be starker. It’s to continue down this path of unfettered federal power, or begin to restore the constitutional limitations that make this the freest country in the world. It’s as simple as that. There are other matters of concern, there’s the economy, there’s foreign policy, there’s health care. But those are all secondary concerns.

It all boils down to whether we want to continue to be governed by the constitution, or by the whims of the progressive elite. That’s all there is to it. A vote for Romney is a vote for freedom, a vote for Obama is a vote for socialism and the loss of freedom. All that considered I’m for Romney.

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