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July 5, 2012

Palestine – Israel Set To Extend Its Sovereignty Into West Bank

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 05 Jul 2012

A confluence of events is increasingly pointing to Israel taking action in the very near future to extend its sovereignty over a substantial part – if not all – of the 61% of the West Bank it has totally …

The Nativity Of Our Nation

Filed under: History - 05 Jul 2012

The Fourth of July, the nativity of our independence, the precious beginnings of our emancipation, must be reverently preserved and celebrated as a day of complete human liberation and reflection, which is The United States of America.

We must never forget, …

Views on the News – 6/30/2012

Filed under: In The News - 05 Jul 2012

Most of what we know about Barack Obama comes from his two autobiographies, but his literary fabrications are now being revealed as huge embellishments or completely fictional. It’s becoming increasingly clear that President Obama is not burdened with too …