Constitution? What Constitution?

By: Patti Bankson

Do you ever talk back to people on radio and TV? I do! Just as often, I shake my head in disbelief, and ask (rhetorically), “Where did these people come from?”


No, contrary to what some readers want to believe, I’m not crazy. It’s simply that, like a growing number of Americans, I, too, am beginning to believe that, in general, it’s the Liberal/Progressive politicians who are crazy… in particular, the Liberal/Progressive politician in the oval office, Barack Obama, and the Liberal/Progressive politician who is the head of the Department of Justice (DOJ), Eric Holder. With all due respect, of course. And I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt about their sanity. But there is absolutely NO DOUBT! that neither of them (along with many others) has a clue when it comes to The Constitution, or the oath they made to uphold it. Why? The answer is the same as the answer to my rhetorical question above: They’re a product of their times… they’re a product of a public school system/foreign school system that decided in the 1960s to teach their little “sponges” about Moral Relativism, also known as Situational Ethics. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s simply a view of ethics in which absolute standards are considered less important than the requirements of a particular situation. Thus, the standards used to make “moral” decisions, don’t remain static… they change from one situation to the next… they might even be contradictory. For those of us find all the double-speak, and “story”-changing from these two men, and others, rather mind-boggling, there is no other explanation.


In researching this, I found the following very apropos: “Moral Relativism is a worldview. To determine for yourself what position to hold where morality is concerned, you must first determine what you believe about the Origin of Life: Evolution or Creation. Evolution teaches that life is accidental, without meaning or purpose. Whatever you do is okay, because ultimately it doesn’t matter.” ( Thus evolution and moral relativism are “soul-mates”.


However, moral relativism and believing we’re created are antipathetic. Believing there’s a Creator, makes all things created subject to laws, whether natural or divine. (Remember our Constitution??) If we’re subject to a set of laws, then we are accountable to “someone”, and our decisions matter.


Obviously, our 2 top guys, are moral relativists… anything goes, nothing remains static. Just have what sounds like a good excuse if you get caught in your “relativity”.


My question, if I could secure an “audience” with our Emperor, is: Why are you totally dismissing our Constitution… pretending you believe in the rule of law? Why are you suing sovereign states? Because they won’t march in lockstep? Is that why you keep making end runs around people who don’t agree with you, like Congress… like The Supremes? Is that why, in spite of the court’s ruling Monday, you issued your own ruling just 3 hours later, that Home Land Security, and Immigration will no longer take calls from any law enforcement agents calling from an Arizona area code ??


Putting aside the Attorney General, for the moment, let me direct your attention to The Constitution… You only have 2 duties as President: Uphold the Constitution and Protect Our Borders. Did you miss that memo, Mr. President??


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