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July 10, 2012

How Chicago Plays Ball

Filed under: Politics In General - 10 Jul 2012

In Chicagothey play “Chicago Ball.” This is a form of soft ball that is as location specific to the Chicago area as Hoover Ball is to West Branch,Iowa. In this game a sixteen inch softball that is as …

D–Day for the Heart of a Nation: November 6, 2012

Filed under: Politics In General,Religion & Faith - 10 Jul 2012

When Barack Obama charged into the White House like a roaring and brilliant meteor on the wings of a slogan; ‘Hope and Change’ there may have been moments when the staunchest conservative believed he actually could pull it off. Those …

The Obamacare Decision: A Mixed Bag

The case that received more media attention and more consideration by the U.S. Supreme Court than any in recent history has been decided. The 5-4 decision upheld the “individual mandate,” the central feature of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care …