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July 14, 2012

Colombia’s new Justice Minister faces uphill battle with narco-terrorists

On Friday, Colombia’s President Juan M. Santos appointed popular attorney and law professor Ruth Stella Correa as the nation’s Justice Minister, according to a source at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

No One’s Higher Than The Law

Filed under: Corruption - 14 Jul 2012

Whenever someone is caught performing any incompetent act of ridiculous stupidity which initiates loss of any kind, whether it’s to the littlest minute infraction, to the most enormous display of human tragedy or travesty, the response is to deny everything …

A World Filled With Strangers Keeps Getting Stranger

Filed under: Politics In General - 14 Jul 2012

Some people believe in the Six Degrees of Separation Theory: the idea that everyone in the world is separated from everyone else by six links. Some people believe all of us are in this thing together, and that diversity …

Obama Ineligible For Presidency, Liberals Argue

I do so love the liberals that torture themselves every week by reading my articles. Last week, they got their panties in a bunch over how, by their own “logic”, they are still supporters of race-based slavery. I …