No One’s Higher Than The Law

By: William P. Frasca

Whenever someone is caught performing any incompetent act of ridiculous stupidity which initiates loss of any kind, whether it’s to the littlest minute infraction, to the most enormous display of human tragedy or travesty, the response is to deny everything and demand proof. You’ll hear defensives phases such as, what me,” I didn’t do anything wrong” You’re obviously mistaken”, or “you must hate me because of my race, religion sex, color or creed”. It couldn’t be my deviant intentions of neglect, lack of skills, abilities or ineptitudes.

This seems to be the main reason and the most selected logical excuse of choice for a good percentage of our elected officials, bureaucrats, political hacks and/or government leeches. This is the quickest easiest way to defend any one’s culpability. Especially, when, the accused holds any and all discrepancies in submitting all documentations, and proofs irrelevant to the investigations, relating to their potential conviction.

United States Attorney General Eric Holder has such a privilege, of controlling his own fate, while laughing at the House of Representatives, The American People, and the Terry Family, for answers they are demanding to their pertinent questions relating to the authorization “Fast and Furious”. A reckless failed program that was responsible for the loss of a United States Boarder Patrol Agent, Brian Terry. This abomination of brutality which focuses on his Department’s insensitive ineffectiveness was required to supple all the facts, events, investigations and proofs.

His arrogance was so despicable that Congress attempted to subpoena him for these documents, while eventually holding him in contempt. He procrastinated, gave censored crossed out blackened reports, which gave them incoherent useless materials of information. Naturally if one was trying to hide guilt or concerning any negative catastrophic episodes of dread protecting one’s reputation and employment, then these essential facts must vanish or be conveniently tainted. Whenever any realm of government is required to Police their own, including the Office of the Attorney General, on any issues of apprehension, it’s like hiring the fox to watch the chickens.

An accused may also resort to obtaining false witnesses or surrogates if their constant objections of refutations are falling to deaf ears and they are loosing popular support. Sometimes recruiting an army of puppets is needed to defend their deception.

Attorney General Eric Holder has attempted on numerous occasions to alter his defensive strategy by building a solid wall of defense. He wouldn’t think twice, to throw someone under the bus, or to enlist any and all Kool- Aide drinking name calling intimating Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic zombies to protect himself and his hopeless futility of bigoted ineptness and vanity.

They received their orders, relentlessly attacking his opponents using any and all methods, including throwing everything at them but the kitchen sink. They went as far as to use the “race card” depicting poor Eric Holder as being victimized solely because he was the first black Attorney General, or a clever ploy to suppress minority voter turnout in the next 2012 Presidential election. Shame on anyone, who believes this disgraceful display, of compounded non-sense portraying falsified politically correct accusations. This includes lies, innuendoes and idiocy, from minority racists and bigots.

This tactic no matter how outrageous and untrue may have had some successful results in the past, but they cried wolf so many times, it is now considered beating a dead horse, it has no bearing, importance or significance.

This plan of attack still wasn’t working, so he needed a new approach, which of course was to blame someone else. This Administration time and time again, since its conception, has always placed the burden of fault, on anything negative, right at the feet of the Bush Administration.

Obama’s Administration is a sad portrayal of persistent unyielding incompetence, with a “what me worry” mentality and atmosphere of neglect. When will they ever take responsibility for their own actions? Every time you turn around it’s always the same old story. It’s always someone else’s stupidity. This disgraceful act of integrity is constantly identifying our leadership as hopeless misfits. It contaminates everything they touch referring to most domestic or foreign issues, with America and the American people being sold out and misguided into a dark hole of contempt.

His actions were being so scrutinized it was affecting his untouchable lord and master, his highness himself, a true legend in his own mind our President Barack Hussein Obama “the Chosen One”.

So when all else fails, and you’re at the end of your rope, you grab a lifeline, the only thing left to save you from falling off the cliff, your friend, The President. There must also be an additional alterative motive, on his involvement. Who or what is he trying to hide or protect besides Holder, himself?

How can one individual have so much power as to wave his mighty wand while announcing these magical words of fortification called “Executive Privilege”? This miraculously made everything all right, in their own warped sick minds, bringing his reign of power and order back to normal, repelling his sworn enemy, Answerability”.

There was one glitch? Even though he used his majestic powers, the Republicans and the People weren’t impressed. They’re still demanding answers, aggressively pursuing their surge in receiving righteous responsibility on who authorized this outlandish murderous course of action.

A United States Boarder Patrol Agent, a Hero, a Patriot, an American, dedicated to the protection of American soil, Brian Terry, maliciously and callously lost his life because of someone’s neglect and carelessness in the Obama Administration. His family deserves truthful, unabridged rightful answers.

So far, all they’re receiving is an obstruction of justice. This isn’t right and must not be tolerated. I am disgusted, as a born and raised American citizen, with the nonchalant, lackadaisical, uncompassionate, insensitive response and spin administered by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, and their clone substitutes, as though the loss of an American life, in any capacity, is totally acceptable, as long as if it meets with their twisted ideologies or agenda. All those, who are accountable for this loathsome vile act, of senseless massacre, together with all the elite egotists, must be held liable for their actions.

Remember these immortal words of President Theodore Roosevelt, A Progressive, “No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man’s permission when we require him to obey it.” Obedience to the law is demanded as a right; not asked as a favor.”

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