Obamacare: Obama We Love You, Thank You for the Gift!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

The Supreme Court decision was a shocker, but it is more like a Trojan Horse then a victory for Obama. Up until now many people were confused. Obama says the private sector is doing just fine.  And up until this time in history the Republicans could not educate the masses about Obamacare because no one knew if Obamacare would survive the Supreme Court in time for the election!


The other gift from Roberts and his liberal wing is that he now calls Obamacare a Tax. That is quite a leap. How do we get from insurance premiums to a tax? I guess we could say we told you so, but let’s not look like Obama. It is no longer a free entitlement; it is a tax, like real estate tax or a school tax? You have no say, but it keeps going up!


And speaking of Obama, after the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional decision, Obama should have tilted his head a little more to the right. He didn’t. The egomaniac just said we can’t return to the old ways. I wonder if that includes unemployment under President Bush of less then 5%.


What idiot Obama should have said is that he is aware of some shortcomings in his infamous Obamacare. He should say that in effect there has been no effect.


1) The 26 year old stuff just raised the premiums higher then if the parents bought a separate policy for the youngster.


2) He should state that the Insurance companies have ignored his executive order for Free contraceptives for all women. If you want free contraceptives under Obamacare, you have to pay for it.


3) Obama should state: That the pre-existing condition provision needs to be modified. As anything else us liberals come up with, we know that this provision will be abused. So we need to make restrictions as to when this pre-existing provision applies.


4) And lastly, let me make myself perfectly clear:  the main purpose of ObamaCare was to give free healthcare to an additional 20-50 million folks. In doing so it is obvious that the middle class will have to pay for this Obama gift as a tax on their own healthcare and eventually most of it will come from the general fund. In other words, Obamacare is just another classification for Medicaid.


And Obama should apologize for jerky Pelosi putting a provision in the bill that allowed the companies and the employers to just pay a penalty that is less then the cost of the premiums instead of paying the inflated premiums/tax. This may back fire, once Romney gets into office and is allowed to grow the economy by creating more jobs, employers may be forced to pay for higher premiums in order to keep their workers.

But under the Obama economy, for every job out there: There are over a dozen people who will fill the void. So the present employee will have no recourse, but to buy their own insurance. I would assume in most fair companies, there will be a stipend equal to the difference between what the company was paying for the insurance minus the penalty paid as a tax to Obama. But the employee will still have to pay more as the premiums are expected to go sky high.

So in the end Roberts ended up being one of those fiscal conservative but a blooming social liberal. You mean none of our dear representatives failed to ask that question.


Or was Obama actually set up to take the fall. Like FDR, it is always great to be labeled with an entitlement like social security. But Obamacare is not an entitlement. For most, it will be considered a tax with a whole lot of strings and confusion attached.


The bottom line with all of this is that we live in 2 distinct worlds.

In my book, I describe in full detail how we could exist as two different worlds. And after this decision, more people should be reading my book and sitting down with the right folks to divide the country into socialists and capitalists. It is kind of weird when you think about it, that one man by the name of Roberts with the stroke of his pen can change the course of America and its Constitution.


Hopefully this has angered many voters and non-voters. Just like when Obama and Clinton were elected, it rallied the masses. You now have a standard bearer to lead the cause.


Do you want to be saddled with paying for Obamacare for the rest of your life? This will destroy your economy; and it will destroy your healthcare as we know it today.


On November 6, you have a choice. This is the one time that you can crowd the polls and send a message to all the non-capitalists. Send a message to all the liberals and commies. It is time to take back our country and to use capitalism as the spearhead for prosperity. The old ways that Obama refers to is the social policies that keep destroying our economy. The old ways of social programs with little or no regard to cost and balanced budgets which need to be brought under control.


The clock is ticking. Read my book, and get the masses out there. After this Supreme Court decision and the Executive order to allow 1.2 million illegal immigrants to stay in this country undocumented with no path to citizenship, it is time for a change. And let’s hope we get it.


Keep in mind a large number of these Obama illegal immigrants will line up to get Free Obamacare and you will get to pay for it.   You make the call. On November 6th do you want to continue with the old ways of Communism brought to you by FDR and Obama? Or do you want the future of America to prosper with good jobs and capitalism! The ball is now in your court: The Supreme Court has spoken!

About The Author Dr. Phil Taverna:
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