The Obama/ UN Axis

By: Craig Chamberlain

I believe that President Obama is worried that he’s going to lose the election in November, and he’s worried the Senate Democrats will lose right along with him. He’s probably right. In every poll I’ve seen the President is below 50% of the vote and in a dead heat with Mitt Romney. The independents have left him, the youth vote isn’t as energized and states that he won in 2008, like North Carolina, are not in play for him in 2012. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t dangerous. The President has said that he would rather be a one term President who got what he wanted than a two term President who didn’t.

The Presidents game plan is to avoid dealing with the GOP House of Representatives and pull the country as far to the left as possible by executive order, and more importantly, by treaty. We saw this after the 2010 elections where the lame duck Senate ratified the arms control treaty with Russia. This treaty guts our nuclear arsenal, and basically prohibits the U.S. from establishing a missile defense system.

Republicans are almost certain to win back the Senate, but before they can take office the President and the Democrats will attempt to ram through a series of treaties that will erode American sovereignty, destroy our constitutional liberties, and put us at the mercy of the United nations. Don’t look to the boys at NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN to talk about these. They don’t want the American people to know about them, because if they did then there would be a popular opposition. No, it’s better to ratify these abysmal treaties in secrecy so that the American people go to bed free citizens and wake up serfs to the UN.

First and foremost of these treaties is the Law of the Seat Treaty(LOST). This law would basically turn over control of the seas to the United Nations. The American navy would be limited in where it could travel, all offshore drilling would be regulated by the UN, and any money a country makes from offshore drilling would be given to the UN so they could give it to the third world dictatorships that dominate the body. This treaty, if ratified, would have the power of a federal law or a constitutional amendment under the supremacy clause. America’s wealth would not be its own. It would go to countries like Pakistan, Iran, China, etc.

Secondly there is the Arms Trade Treaty, which the President is set to sign this month. If this is ratified then we can say good bye to the second amendment. Ostensibly the treaty is supposed to stop arms sales to terrorist groups, criminal organizations and the like(they seem to forget that these groups don’t care about laws or treaties. It’s just a way to trample the rights of the individual) if this is ratified the United States would be FORCED, by treaty, to enact the following rules: Enact tougher licensing requirements. This means more red tape to buy a firearm. 2)Confiscate and destroy all unauthorized civilian firearms. 3) Ban the trade, sale and private ownership of all semi automatic weapons(basically any weapon with a magazine, even if they operate on the one trigger pull, one shot mechanism as revolvers) 4) Create an international gun registry. This makes it all the easier for governments to seize firearms. There’s nothing totalitarians like better than a citizenry that can’t defend itself.

The UN would have power to control our second amendment rights. Think about it. Nations like Iran, China, Turkey would have the power to disarm Americans under this treaty. Be afraid America.

Then there is the matter of internet control. This December delegates from 193 nations will get together in Dubai and discuss how much the UN should control the internet. The treaty would put the internet under the control of the International Telecommunications Union, which is operated by the UN. Think about it, nations that censor the internet, nations like China, Iran(or any Muslim country for that matter) would now be in charge of it. It’s putting the foxes in charge of the hen house. They would have the right to control speech they didn’t like. The Chinese censor any talk of Democracy, they could do it to us. The Islamic world could, and will, censor any criticism of their religion. The UN(and the dictatorships that control it) would have the ability to regulate internet commerce as well.

The UN is not such a noble institution that they should be trusted with this kind of power. Our President is selling out the country, violating our constitution and trampling on our freedoms so that the United States is in a weaker position when he leaves office. His domestic policies are all intended to move the political culture to the left, making us more dependent on the state. His foreign policies are all intended to weaken the independence of the US and strengthen the internationalist regime in the UN, which is all run by leftists and anti American fanatics.

If the economy were a juggernaut President Obama would not deserve reelection, based on his support for these treaties alone. The patriots in this country need to become aware and let their Senators know that these treaties are dangerous, and downright treasonous. The one with the most chance of being ratified is LOST, it will take a great deal of hard work, and maybe even a miracle to defeat its ratification. But our freedoms, our security, and maybe even our independence are at stake. The UN is dangerous and the President is using it to advance the socialist agenda.

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