First the NAACP Invites Romney, then They Boo Him.

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

I think it is great that the NAACP invited Romney to speak at their Houston convention. With almost 40% of the black youth unemployed thanks to Obama, maybe they should have had a few round table discussions about jobs lead by Mitt instead of booing him. 

In all fairness they only booed him 3 times. And were they booing because Romney said Obamacare or were they booing because Obamacare has caused 66% of the unemployment for the black youths of the NAACP.  

It was pretty funny to watch all the pundits come out and explain why Romney should or should not have shown up at the convention. And it was laugh out loud funny to see all the liberal pundits explain why he did it. 

At this stage of the game if there is anybody who takes Pelosi seriously, they should have their head examined. But Pelosi and a few of her liberal friends who received the same tweet basically stated that Romney came to the meeting to aggravate the Blacks. Another spin was to show the Blacks booing and shaking their heads trying to maybe get the water out of their ears or better yet the evil words of Romney out of their heads. Or better yet it was explained by the liberals for the purpose of getting the white folks fired up.  

Leno played the music that accompanied the entrance and exit of Romney. It would be the music expected to be heard at one’s funeral. When air head Biden spoke, there was no organ music, just some upbeat music. Probably with the words like give me your vote one more time and your kids may never get a job, but they will have Obamacare.  Of the 100,000 federal jobs created by Obama, very few of them went to the Black youths. If any! 

But in all fairness the people who booed were few in number and most of the audience were respectful toward the next president of the United States. Their fearless leader Obama couldn’t be bothered attending the meeting. He was probably too busy playing golf or getting money from other liberals. Obama figured that 95% of his sheep will vote for him, no matter what. So why should he waste his time flying to Houston when there were bigger fish to fry. 

Some of the liberal pundits implied that Romney should have watered down his speech so he could talk to the audience in front of him.  That may be something liberals do, but conservatives try to stick to the issues. And at this stage of the game the country is faced with the worse economy ever all caused by Obama and all the policies that liberals seem to drool over. But the times they are a changing.  

Not all Black folks will vote for Obama. To begin with all the aborted Blacks and their offspring will not be voting for Obama. All the Blacks that have been killed by thugs and drugs and their offspring will not be voting for Obama. And 50% of the Blacks will not be voting for Obama.  

It is quite clear that Obama and the liberals like Pelosi have been lying to these folks for a long time. And most Blacks who want to work just can’t find a decent job. Under President Bush, there wasn’t a problem. How come almost 4 years later the Blacks can’t find jobs under a liberal Black president?  

The Black people were promised a lot of things by these liberals. They were promised Free healthcare. They were promised Free housing and Free food.  

Most Black people are Americans. Some may not be proud of our flag, but all they want is a job. But under Obama the Blacks have been hit the hardest. And Obama has no clue how to put the Black people to work.  

It is kind of ironic. Most immigrants illegal or otherwise have come to this great nation over the centuries for one and only one reason. They wanted to find work. Yet under Obama his own people can not find work. Matter of fact he has no clue how to put anyone to work except his friends. 

O’Reilly brought this fellow named Hilary Shelton on the show. He is one of those guys who believes as long as he doesn’t shut up, the host can’t ask any meaningful questions. But Hilary, no relation to Clinton, said that Romney was going to get rid of the Public school system and that he had no plan to replace Obamacare. None of that is true. But in Hilary’s case, why bother! He was going to hear what he wanted to hear no matter what Romney said at the convention.  

Maybe they wanted Romney to speak differently to the Black crowd. If he did that he would have been torn apart by morning. I think what Romney did was treat the Black folks with respect and except for a pre-select few they treated him with respect.  

The good news is that as more and more Black people become educated they begin to understand that the pandering that the liberals do in front of the Blacks is just smoke and mirrors. And more and more black people need to decide do they want a job they can count on or do they want a handout that can be reduced or taken away at the whim of some black or white politician?  

Everyone in America wants to live a decent life and be able to afford their home, and their lifestyle. The liberals have fed the Blacks a pile of cow manure for decades. And as Obama’s economy goes further south, it will be the poor and uneducated who will suffer the most.  

I betcha they miss the good old days when you could go down to the local factory and get a job. Today folks like Obama through friends like Immelt from GE and GM have sent your factories and your jobs to other countries.  

Do you think maybe it is time to vote for capitalism and keep American jobs here?   If America keeps on rolling down this path of global baloney, the money needed to prosper will not be in this country, it will be in places like India, China and Mexico.  

 Is it time to think: Made in America! Go USA!

About The Author Dr. Phil Taverna:
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