You’re a Failure in Business? Just Remember…You Didn’t Do That On Your Own!

By: Michael John McCrae

Yes, I know. Jay Leno used that as a joke in a recent monologue. I like to think, since this column was in progress the day after Obama’s Marxist coming out party in Kansas that I thought of it first. But, millions of Americans probably had the exact same reaction to Barack Hussein Obama’s off-teleprompter-truth-telling.

President Obama hates America. President Obama believes all Americans should be dependent on government because, in his world, government made all life possible. Government is the new god with Barack Hussein Obama its new Messiah. His speech in Kansas was his “Sermon amid the wheat fields”; telling anyone who would cheer his words that any successful businessman in America did not earn his/her success, but owed their success solely to government intervention and regulation.

Well, what of all the business, supported by direct government intervention and taxpayer subsidy that failed? What of the now, seven alternative energy companies that have shed jobs and filed for bankruptcy after receiving billions of taxpayer dollars? What of all the home buyers who trusted government programs that promised the American dream of home ownership now in foreclosure proceedings? What of the 40 million Americans who cannot find employment, though trillions of taxpayer dollars were squandered in failed “stimulus” programs? All of that failure can be placed at the feet of our liberal, socialist, Marxist President!

President Obama has lied to the nation. There were no “shovel-ready” jobs. The nation is creating a paltry 75,000 jobs a month when 250,000 are needed for any meaningful progress toward escaping a double-dip recession. “Obamacare” is not just a tax, but it is a series of 21 separate tax increases that will affect all tiers of American wage earners. In fact, Obama has been lying to the nation from the day he let William Ayers write his “autobiography”! Those weren’t the dreams of Obama’s Kenyan daddy. Those were the dreams of William Ayers!

If you have failed over the past three years, your failure is a direct result of Obama’s failed economic policies. The massive increases in government regulations, the moratorium on domestic energy generation, the takeovers of GM and Chrysler corporations, the billions of taxpayer dollars sent overseas to support campaign cash bundlers, the failure to close America’s southern border against foreign invasion and the uncertainties in Obama’s health care plans that threaten to bankrupt America by 2020.

In other words: “You didn’t do that! You had help. You had the I.R.S. taking dollars away from you through punitive taxation policies. You had Obama calling for more taxes during a recession. You had Obama’s czars creating regulations bypassing congressional authority. You had Obama’s EPA shutting down coal companies and off-shore oil production. You had Obama ignore the will of the people to sign “Obamacare” into law, while at the same time, not signing the bill to allow construction of the Keystone Pipeline, to the loss of 200,000 possible new jobs.

Government is in the business of failure. Government has failed in education, foreign policy, domestic policy, postal operations, Medicare, Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, job opportunity creation, race relations, Fast and Furious operations and defending American borders.

Government’s supposed successes include suing Alabama and Arizona to prevent them from enforcing federal immigration law, granting amnesty to another million illegal border jumpers, killing Osama Bin Laden and supposedly burying his body at sea without providing true proof to the American people, releasing military secrets to the New York Times that warn radical Islamists and Iran concerning America’s covert capabilities, thus getting at least one informant arrested and jailed in Pakistan. Of course government also touts allowing gays to serve openly in the military and allowing them to march in “Gay Pride” parades in their respective service uniforms; this after refusing to defend the “Defense of Marriage Act”; the actual law signed by former President Clinton.

So don’t worry. In Obama’s world government takes care of you from cradle to grave. Government made possible your warning-labeled diapers, your warning-labeled formula, your warning-labeled crib, your warning-labeled car, your warning labeled roads, schools, stadiums, movie theaters, homes, recreational facilities, supermarket foods, gasoline and your warning-labeled business, successful or not. In fact, the only thing these days without a warning label is the Obama Administration; the nation’s most hazardous entity!

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