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July 26, 2012

Tea Party Targeted by “All the Bolsheviks’ Children” (ABC)

It wasn’t just that ABC’s Brian Ross was wrong in suggesting that the “Jim Holmes” he found on a Tea Party website was the same man who committed the heinous crime in Aurora, Colorado. It’s that his comment was …

Palestine – United Nations Perfidy Exposed

The canard – supported by countless United Nations General Assembly Resolutions – that Jewish settlements in the West Bank are illegal in international law – has been dealt a crushing blow with the the recent release of the Levy Committee …

The United States of America Is NOT a Nation of Immigrants!

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 26 Jul 2012

I am tired of hearing it. Stated over and over ad-nausea by Republicans, Democrats, people on the street, academia and a plethora of pundits, professors and authors; that America is a “Nation of Immigrants”.

I’m sorry, but America lost “immigrant” …