The United States of America Is NOT a Nation of Immigrants!

By: Michael John McCrae

I am tired of hearing it. Stated over and over ad-nausea by Republicans, Democrats, people on the street, academia and a plethora of pundits, professors and authors; that America is a “Nation of Immigrants”.

I’m sorry, but America lost “immigrant” status when the Founders signed the Declaration of Independence; deciding America would be its own entity, based on a rule of law that guaranteed individual Life, Liberty and their personal pursuit of Happiness.

The very first generations born within the boundaries of the original colonies were not immigrants. They were Americans. Their children were Americans. Their grandchildren were Americans. Families might be able to trace their origins to places like Zimbabwe, Poland, Ireland or Mexico, but after two or three generations on American soil they should be willing to admit: “I am an American.”

American Culture used to be what drew intelligent people to the Land of the Free. There were no other truly “free” lands out there. Every other land had a king, or a dictator, or some emperor; imposing his /her will on the masses; letting them eat cake while giving them no meat. America had always been a land of meat; where you could take your blunderbuss and go shoot a bear to feed your family. America was a land of private property. There were no kings or princes to tell you to turn over two thirds of your crops to feed freeloaders. One could sell his skills and goods for profit without some politician looking for his cut. Sadly, that Culture is dead.

Greed has killed the American Culture. Government found a way to steal profit from a free people. Government found a way to steal property from a free people. Government found a way to steal faith from a free people. These days government is trying to steal speech, guns, choice of food, health care and even the type of vehicle we drive. The Land of the Free has become the land of the regulated.

There is not one aspect of American life that is not under some type of government regulation. Every American is a law-breaker every day of his/her life. Many of us break laws we don’t even realize exist. As technology advances, thousands of new laws and regulations are created, not to limit government intrusion into our life’s choices, but to increase government’s ability to set fees, taxes and penalties to raise revenue for government expansion.

These days government regulates everything. If there is one thing government does not regulate, they are trying to pass laws to find a way to regulate. Of course, the government doesn’t regulate itself. If it regulated itself as much as it regulates the general population then Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel, Chris Dodd and Maxine Waters would all be behind bars. But that’s another story.

American Culture used to take responsibility for itself. Family helped family. The Church (i.e. local religious institution) was a place where anyone could get a comforting word, personal help or referral. Local schools were communities of learning where children wanted to go, wanted to learn, wanted to progress. Those same schools taught math, science, English and American History: important core subjects to instill American values to young minds. All of that is quietly disappearing.

Now, men get girls pregnant and walk away from their children. Churches have left the tenants of help to government; preferring to entangle themselves in the social issues of abortion, race relations, homosexual unions, illegal immigration, civil rights; Public school teachers are more inclined to pontificate on politics, multiculturalism, diversity, sex and liberal socialism than to actually teach reading, writing and arithmetic.

No. America is not a “Land of Immigrants” but it is becoming one with each new, open border crossing. President Obama has again found a way around congressional legislation, to grant amnesty to a whole crop of freeloaders. The so-called “children” who were brought here illegally may now stay, be granted work visas, and apply for citizenship. In the meantime they still get to suck at the Obama Administration’s teat; gaining health, welfare, unemployment and Social Security benefits that are supposed to be benefits exclusive to actual Americans.

It is time for real Americans to wake up, get rid of your hyphens and vote in November to save America. You want to save the world? Then vote to save the country that has saved the world for the past two and one half centuries. That was not a nation of immigrants. It has always been the land of the free and the home of brave Americans!

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