The Fearless Republican Women

By: William P. Frasca

Thank God the Republican Party has courageous women on their side who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Fantastic women, of unique outstanding character, who are obviously strong, fearless, logically sound, aggressive and are strong enough to take and give a knockout punch.

Sarah Palin first led this charge as Senator John McCain’s Vice-Presidential running mate in 2008. She was the only refreshing spark that was trying to ignite a frozen campaign. Even though John McCain ran his bid for President as a car stuck in gear that allowed the steamrolling Obama campaign to run over it without any pertinent offensive or defensive strategies. His flunkies also made numerous attempts by using every way, shape or form to defeat their own candidate, while trying to discredit her.

Even with all this internal adversity with constant external attacks form the Liberals, and the Progressives, she still emerged as a leader to the American people. McCain’s cohorts unknowingly gave her an advantage and brought her into the limelight as a start of a new and improved leadership of the Republican Party. She became a symbol and leading force to the Tea Party, holding the Republican mediocrity of established pansies and losers in check.

The Tea Party brought an excitingly new essential amount of new Congressmen, Congresswomen and Senators, who aren’t afraid and willing to change the status quo, by striking fear into the hearts and minds of the Republican establishment, but also The Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives.

The Republican leadership, mostly consisting of males are identified as wimps in the first degree. This is why it is so important to vote this 2012 November election, not only to limit Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” to only one term, but also to elect competent leadership in Congress and The Senate.

Congresswoman Michele Bachman made a strong statement, used to wake up a sleeping a America suggesting that Huma Abedin one of Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s top aid may have had certain members of her family with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is bad enough, but it seems as though her career isn’t stationary as she is seeking more powerful positions within our Government.

Why is she moving up the ladder at a rapid pace, skipping steps, without a legitimate vetting process for top security clearance, because she is former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner’s wife. You do remember Anthony Weiner that same one showing questionable pictures of his body parts on Twitter, to young lady’s he didn’t even know? He had to resign in disgrace.

This should be the concern of every American relating to an employee close to the Secretary of Sate, and may be offered other high caliber positions that may or may not have or directly or indirectly does have sympathizes in her family with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and maybe at risk of being influenced. Aren’t we at war, Shouldn’t we take every precaution to protect and defend our own sovereignty and self preservation?

Congresswoman Bachman has every right as an elected member of Congress, swore to defend America and the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. She obviously took her oath of Office with respect and sincerity, unlike some in the Senate and in the House of Representatives.

The Republican leadership cry, cry, cry baby Congressman John Boehner, Speaker of the United States House of Representative was as usual unwilling to take a stand like a man, backs down again like a whipped dog. Instead of defending Bachman by stating there should be a thorough investigation. He announced at a news briefing that he did not know Abedin but “from everything he knew of her, she has a sterling character”. How can he make a statement like that if by his own words he doesn’t know her? What a mouse, is this the sick leadership of the Republican Party? What a disgrace!

Naturally, one of the best known Benedict Arnold’s of the Republican Party is none other our good friend Senator John McCain who never misses an opportunity to put another fellow Republican down, by sticking a dagger in their backs? He is usually the first one on line and never disappoints. He doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. He keeps digging himself into a deeper hole by placing himself freely on the “Pay me no mind list to the American People” His continues to bash his Party members that sadly creates an atmosphere of non-existence, which is his main drawback.

The Republican leadership is so determined to make everyone like them; they are willing to be humiliated and made fools of by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressive.

Remember when John McCain ran for the Office of President, he never attacked Obama’s past affiliations or missing links of his life. In fact one could even mention Obama’s middle name of Hussein, yet he rubbed it in John McCain’s faced on inauguration day by stating his full name at his oath of office as President, I “Barack Hussein Obama”

John McCain is a great American hero, and we must all thank him for his unselfish service, but as politician loyal to his Party, he’s not. He’s a hindrance not an asset!

Political correctness has gone amuck this is obvious. What are they afraid of, why not have a full investigation and vetting process? Don’t touch the sacred cow even if it turns out to be a Trojan horse of destruction? If these allegations are true isn’t it better to find out before it creates a tremulously drastic problem, especially our National Security. Shouldn’t we use any and all powers at our disposal to defend and preserve our beloved Country The United States Of America?

This election cycle we must that only change our President, but we must also throw out all those with no guts, willfully placing themselves on bended knee constantly apologizing for nothing but being an American, and defending their swore oath of office. America is going down the toilet, and it is being flushed by our cowardice leadership from both parties. We the People have every right to control and rule our own destiny. Don’t allow these demigods to destroy our beloved nation. Don’t give them all lifetime jobs; fire them with the power of the vote.

God Bless and Protect America Always.

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