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August 31, 2012

An Analysis Of Francis Schaeffer’s “The Church At The End Of The 20th Century”

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 31 Aug 2012

Francis Schaeffer has been characterized as an Elijah to the late twentieth century. Though not as inspired in the same direct sense as his Biblical forebears, Francis Schaeffer did articulate a vision of the future remarkable in its accuracy …

The Inverse Political Ratio Between National Prominence and Life

When Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell ran in 2009 the Washington Post spent the campaign trying to persuade the FTC to penalize him for false advertising since his campaign was not built around social issues.

Any time a “conservative Republican,” does not …

Stop Empowering the Thieves who Steal your Money in Broad Daylight!

Filed under: Politics In General - 31 Aug 2012

Screwed By Dick Morris. This book has one important premise we all should live by!

Screwed is a great book. Its subtitle is: “How foreign Countries are ripping us off and plundering our economy- and how our leaders help them …

August 30, 2012

An American Outrage

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 30 Aug 2012

Preserving heritage means… honoring, obeying, defending and respecting the Constitution of the United States of America. This precious document must be forever preserved, because if it is lost, manipulated, forgotten or abused, our heritage will be destroyed. – William P. …

MSM: Focusing on the Minor While Ignoring the Major to Help Obama

Mary and I accepted Becky’s gracious offer to use her condo for a week of relaxation. The panoramic view of the Gulf of Mexico from the balcony is breathtakingly beautiful. The spectacular scene of varying shades of blue sky and …

The Sideshow at the DOJ

Filed under: In The News,Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 30 Aug 2012

Step right up, folks! We have here behind these mysterious walls curiosities to amaze and astound. See the lawyer with anger issues who’ll scream at the court like Sam Kinison and then put a take-down move on the …

August 29, 2012

God-given Rights, Man-made Anti-rights, and why “Safety Nets” are Immoral

It is the dogma of our time that proponents of government safety net programs hold the moral high ground. Accordingly, Democrats preen over their own “compassion”; and Republicans chime in that they too “believe in safety net programs”.

But safety net …

Views on the News – 8/25/2012

Filed under: In The News - 29 Aug 2012

In the first week since Paul Ryan joined Mitt Romney on the Republican ticket, something subtle yet fundamental has happened to the country, the mantle of leadership has shifted. Barack Obama and Joe Biden (certainly the latter) occupy office …

America’s Future in Prophecy – The Proof, the Promise, and the Point of No Return

Filed under: American Society & Heritage,Religion & Faith - 29 Aug 2012

School bells ring across the nation as students make their Pavlovian responses, cracking open the textbooks that pimp the Darwinian delusion known as the evolutionary model. They are fed on missing links, faulty science and piles of pompous prior philosophic …

August 28, 2012

Defeating the Islamo-’progressive’ axis

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 28 Aug 2012

There’s evidently a fine line between a “hate crime” and a BLT.

The Reuters headline screamed: “Bacon found at NY Muslim celebration probed as possible hate crime.” I was expecting the subtitle: “Cops bring lettuce & tomato, dispose of evidence,” but …

Gen. Dempsey takes sides in SEALs v. Obama battle over leaks

Filed under: American Military,In The News,War On Terror - 28 Aug 2012

President Barack Obama’s selection for the U.S. military’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff surprised former military officers and pro-military conservatives when he decided to take sides in the heated political battle between the Obama administration and former members …

Precious U.S. Citizenship: Diminished and Given Away By Obama

Filed under: Immigration - 28 Aug 2012

These three kids wanted to run for the tall grass. It was early 90′s at the U.S. Citizenship Ceremony in Maryland. Around 1500 people filled the hall comprising of citizenship applicants, supportive family and friends.

August 27, 2012

Growth, Not Gifts! A Solution to Student Loans

Filed under: Economics,Politically Incorrect Reality - 27 Aug 2012

President Obama has been arguing for a number of plans to reduce the burden of student loans such as artificially low interest rates and allowing for some loans to be discharged through bankruptcy. Many young adults are struggling with student …

Is America Doomed?

Let’s ask ourselves as simple question: why isn’t President Obama down by 15 points? When you consider all that Obama has done over his first term you would think that voting him out of office would be the choice of …

Nun’s story: Octogenarian penetrates high-tech security at top nuclear complex

Filed under: American National Security - 27 Aug 2012

An 82-year-old nun successfully breached a high-tech security complex’s protective fences using garden-variety, low-tech bolt cutters. And even more disturbing to the facility’s security director, she remained undetected in a highly secure area on the nuclear complex’s grounds for more …

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