Gay Marriage Destroys the Rights of Children

By: Joe Boyd

Only Government Supports Gay Marriage

President Obama has now decided he supports for gay marriage. Does this mean we can expect to regularly see two men kissing on television? Can we expect public displays and media promotion of homosexuals holding hands, kissing, or even more intimate behavior?


Wherever gay marriage has been put before the people to vote on it has been defeated. Only the legislatures of states have enacted gay marriage. Judges in California have also decided that the people of their state cannot decide for themselves what is best for children. So much for Democracy. Instead of millions of people having a voice these government employees have decided how the definition of society must look. Central planning is always tyranny whether it is by judges, politicians or bureaucrats.


There is currently a battle in this society regarding preserving children’s rights against an onslaught from progressive Democrats. Repeatedly the left has supported the rights of the voting and donating constituent over those of the helpless constituent. Children have no voting power or ability to make political donations. Therefore, for those on the left they have no political value except to be shaped to eventually become politically useful to them past their eighteenth birthday.


Some past examples of the violation of children’s rights include abortion (the right to be born), elimination of vouchers or tax credits (the right to an education outside of government schools) and no freedom from sex and violence (movies, gay rights movement, MTV) and most recently government debt ($15 trillion). Obama and the left have put the rights of their constituents (single women, government school teacher’s unions, Hollywood, homosexuals, losers and government moochers) above the rights of children.


Gay rights and most of the rights pursued by the left are essentially the usurpation of the rights previously reserved for children. Children used to be put first in society and now they are second class citizens to the political classes of voting blocs, unions and special interests. “Progressive” or “Liberal” or “Democrat” today means putting the rights of adults and those that can be politically active above those without political power. Essentially it is the elimination of children’s rights.


Let’s focus on gay marriage. By solely focusing on two men or two women becoming married, it does not in itself denigrate society and could have popular acceptance. If there were only adults in this world the majority might accept gay marriage. This is why there may be general  acceptance by those that do not have children. However, when it is analyzed in its entire scope we see the effect on children and society.


Do children have any rights at all? Are they ever mentioned by a politician except as a pawn to fund more educational programs and thus fund teacher unions and then their own campaigns? Do children have “natural rights” to life, liberty and a mother and father?



The Right to a Mother and a Father

Gay marriage is a violation of the rights of children. If two gays would marry and not bring children into the equation then gay marriage might be acceptable. It would be private citizens having a private relationship. However, it is not the same as a heterosexual marriage. Although liberals say they don’t want government coming into their bedroom they seem to want to bring their bedroom into the street for everyone to see–and everyone must not only accept but condone their lifestyle.


The fact that homosexuals will bring children into their living arrangement violates the rights of children. It takes a man and a woman to make a child. This is indisputable. Every child has a right to a mother and father. Every child has a right to live with their biological mother and father. Yes, divorce is also a violation of children’s rights and often another example of adults putting their own desires first.


If the unborn child could decide it would want its mother and father to be there with them. That is natural and nature’s intention. Many single-parent children spend their entire lives searching for their biological mother or father. Gay marriage is unfair to children.
The gay marriage movement, as is many of the leftist reforms, is a selfish agenda. I hope we can place the rights of the very young and helpless before the rights of self-sufficient adults. Putting children first in education, politics and life makes for a brighter future.


If two consenting adults want to have any kind of relationship that is their business.  I don’t want to see it, hear about it or be forced to accept and condone it by the force of government. Keep your homosexual and heterosexual relationships where they belong–in your own private chambers and not on display.


We can only hope children can survive this culture which is being destroyed by our government judges, politicians and bureaucrats for their own advantage.

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