Is Obama a Commie? If Not Why Not!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Obama made a big boo boo. He said you can’t get anywhere without help. He said no matter how hard you work you can be a failure. No matter how smart you are you can still be a failure.

But I think Obama made a bigger mistake. So he wanted to tell his paid audience that everyone needs help. But his true colors slipped out of the plasma screen of his infamous teleprompters.

And just the other day he said he didn’t say that. Wait a minute. Obama must realize that if he said it, he said it. If it was taken out of context from his own speech, well good luck trying to convince the few people who actually are listening to what Obama says.

I have written many times that Obama is a liar. But I think we have reached a new point. I have mentioned many times that Obama is a liberal, a progressive, communist and a socialist. And it is time that people start to understand what this means.

O’Reilly thinks that you are not a communist until the government takes over your property. Tell Bill that once you stop paying the real estate taxes, it doesn’t take a long time before they take your property away. It is called a sheriff’s sale, and it is not a “Blue Light Special”.

We have discussed the difference between the right side and left sides of the brain. Oddly the right side is imaginary and the left side is more black and white, judgmental and decision making.

Obama slipped into his imaginary world as most liberals do. They can imagine climate change, hate crimes and all sorts of things. And their solution only exists in the right side of their brains. And that is their imaginary part. You know the part that Walt Disney used to create fantastic stories with huge amounts of imagination.

Well in Obama’s case, you need to get into his thought patterns. And part of his problem or shortcomings is that he can’t deal with the realities of being president. Let’s face it; Obama does not know how to create a private sector job? Remember he said the private sector was doing fine! He is in way over his head or his left side of his brain.

So what he says in between the lines is that we all need help to get a job. He needed help to get a job. He needed help to get into Harvard Law School. And Obama never had a real job. Forget about the birth certificate, where are the jobs.

The United States is the greatest country in the world. But Obama does not believe that. The GDP of America is almost 3 times that of China. And this idiot president is apologizing to the global community for our prosperity. And he wants to give your prosperity away.

Obama wants you to give up your prosperity so that other nations can prosper. Anyone that has use of half of his brain today knows that is a stupid statement and will never happen. But you see in the mind of a liberal who can’t see black and white and reality … Anything is possible.

Clinton wanted to lower our standard of living in order for Mexicans to enjoy our jobs in Mexico. Well that didn’t work out too well. But how many liberals like Clinton voted for NAFTA?

Outsourcing can work if we are in control. But when we render control to communists like Obama we are in deep do-do.

So getting back to Obama’s statement: First off by acknowledging that the United States has the best economy in the world, why can’t Obama create any real jobs? We don’t need 100,000 government jobs. We don’t need to save millions of government jobs. We need to create millions of private sector jobs!

And everything that Obama has done in his 3 plus years in office has hurt the economy. Now ObamaCare threatens to tax every American so that Obama can pay for everyone else’s healthcare. And that is nothing new. Middle class Americans have been paying for welfare and SSI and all sorts of liberal programs since LBJ. And no matter who is president they will continue to pay for it.

The question is can the prosperity of the private sector grow enough to keep up with the dreams of Obama and the other communists?

So when a liberal means we all need help to get ahead, he is not talking about the private sector. He is talking about his liberal communist programs. He was not talking to the people who are prosperous. He was talking to ones who are not prosperous. He was talking about people who are not prosperous and who work real hard. He was talking to the folks who are not prosperous and they are real smart.

This folks is Communism 101. In other words if you can’t be prosperous, then the government will make you prosperous. That would be fine and dandy if the government had $100 trillion dollars sitting in Fort Knox to tap into to pay for the commie prosperity. But the gold is not there!

The only prosperity that exists in America comes from those that are prosperous in what they do. And they don’t need the government’s help.

So make sure you understand. The help Obama was talking about was socialistic government help. And he wants it for all. And it is a nice dream, but that is all it is. There is not enough money in the US economy to make all prosperous.

So do you want a communist president for another 4 years? Or is there hope for a real change toward prosperity.

One more important point that all liberal politicians seem to come with in their thought patterns: Have you ever looked in a building built by the government? There is usually an expensive metal plaque bolted tight to the wall indicating who was in charge when the building was built. And these idiots think that they are responsible for the building getting built. And these idiots think they paid for it so it is their accomplishment. Ask them they will tell you the same.

So when Obama says he built the bridges. That’s what he means. It wasn’t the taxes collected from businesses and taxpayers that built the bridges it was Obama and his lunatic politicians that built the bridges. When you hear stuff like that you are listening to a communist. They can’t even imagine a democracy! A true communist would tell you that it is the community that built it. An American communist will take all the credit for building something that you paid for.

They don’t quite get it. The reason you have a business is because they let you have a business and they built the roads that allowed the customers to come to your building. These jerks must realize that roads were here long before we had any communist politicians.

So listen very carefully to words of our commie president. When he says the word “fair”, his right side of the brain imagines a whole different scenario then what your left side of the brain assumes.

It is time for a change. Are you willing to make politicians responsible for their inability to create private sector jobs? Are you willing to pay more for healthcare so others can take credit for supplying healthcare Free to others?

Your call: If you want more communist leaders like Obama vote for a Democrat.

You may like Obama but do you trust him to run the country for another 4 years!

About The Author Dr. Phil Taverna:
Dr. Phil Taverna owns and operates his own website.

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