Geronimo is Dead and WMDs are in Iraq. Tell me It ain’t So!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

This was a great book. The Seal Target was Geronimo and the author is Chuck Pfarrer. But at the end of the day Osama was swimming with the fishes and it won’t be too long before Zawahiri will be more molecular and airborne then when he was number 2 for Al Qaeda. 

When Obama couldn’t wait to declare Osama dead, and take all the credit, many myths surfaced which were difficult to comprehend.   

But this book describes what happened on that wonderful day. It showed with clarity how professional the Seal Team Six is and how they can ride above the political garbage that weighs down most of what the government does.  

The book is basically in three parts. First part gives a brief look at what an operation looks like and a price that is paid when all goes right. The second part is about what it is to become a Seal Six member. And the third part gives a thorough history of the relationship between KSM, Osama and Zawahiri. And from there you can witness the mission that took down Osama.  

First off Osama was taken out in about 30 seconds. He was killed by 2 bullets from 2 different members of the seal team. Osama tried to reach for his weapon. His young wife acting as a shield sustained a minor wound to her ankle. The seal team was kind enough to treat her wound before they left in the darkness of night.  

Osama moved the rest of his family to his hideout in a very open fashion. You know like they took commercial flights to get to Abbottabad.  One would assume that the CIA would keep their eye on the family.  Or maybe not! 

There were no cameras mounted to the Seals’ helmets. Would you want liberal politicians to second guess your every move? Before you know it Holder would be bringing charges for whatever the Seals did.  

So when you see the actors like Hillary grabbing her mouth, all she was seeing was the satellite photos. The part where the helicopter crashes is noted in the book. It actually didn’t crash, the multimillion dollar technology malfunctioned and the earth caused the top secret helicopter to fall apart at impact. 

Just like civil war interferences, after the plan was put together and approved the politicians/bureaucrats had to jump in so if there was credit to be handed out, it would fall their way.

The Seals were forced to take a CIA agent along who had no training that would compare to the Seal training. The politicians refused to give the helicopter crews air cover. So in other words if they were spotted by a guy with a gun, he could have taken them down right from the beginning.  

Luckily no one was able to shoot at the multimillion dollar helicopters. Osama’s courier came close, but he and his wife were taken out in almost seconds.  

It appears that anybody that was not involved in a threat to the seals survived the ordeal. Those that chose to fight were taken out almost immediately.  

The helicopter that crashed did not do so until the main objective of the mission had been completed. It appeared to be a malfunction of sorts. It was probably the parts made in China that only carried a 30 second warranty.  

The seal team was able to come away with 100 garbage bags of intel from Osama’s hideout. This intel may have provided much more information then President Bush was able to derive from enhanced interrogation.  Without enhanced interrogation, and the jerk named Zawahiri, Osama would be alive and well today. 

But Obama being an egotistical jerk, couldn’t wait to tell the world that he killed Osama. Many men put their lives on the line to gather that intel. Obama could have at least waited a week before he took credit for killing Osama.   But who could possibly plug the leaks in the Whitehouse. The liberals can’t wait to leak whatever info is out there, even when it is not true.  

If you read between the lines you will come to the conclusion that President Bush and the Military did a great job to protect the nation and keep the pressure on Zawahiri and Osama.  

This was the most interesting part of the book. Did you know that there were actually Weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq…Oh My! 

Our intelligencia have known this all along and you still had goofs like Obama and Kerry saying we should not be in Iraq. But Sadam had a crap load of WMDs. He never destroyed them.  I thought he gave them to Syria along with oil he was sneaking to the world through Syria. Syria now does claim it has WMDs. But according to Chuck, Sadam buried them in the ground. Then he gave them to Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda dug them up and buried them somewhere else. I guess Iraq was the place to be! 

So the bad news is that Al Qaeda already has WMDs. The good news is that it appears that the guy who buried the bulk of Sadam’s WMDs for Al Qaeda, was killed by the US along with where the WMDs were re-buried. So we must extrapolate that there are a bunch of WMDs buried somewhere in Iraq.  

So we again have to thank President Bush for invading Iraq. For causing Sadam to hide his WMD’s and with a little luck or maybe a lot, the WMDs will never be found.  If they are found, hopefully, they are discovered by our allies and not our enemies. So maybe Skippy shouldn’t be too eager to pull out of Iraq until we find those damn WMDs.  

But more importantly, where are the apologies to President Bush and his administration. If not for the Bush policies, the WMDs would still be in enemy hands and Osama would still be declaring war against your country. President Bush set the precedence that if you mess with the US you will die. President Bush caused Al Qaeda to go underground.  And he caused the limitation of its funding.

So at the end of the day, I would like to thank the Seal Team Six for staying above the political crap and keeping our country safe. And I would like to thank President Bush for winning the war in Iraq and driving the snakes who want to kill us back to where they came from. I look for the day when Obama gives credit where credit is due. I better not hold my breath! 

People seem to forget that Clinton had an opportunity to lock up Osama. That would have hurt Al Qaeda a great deal. It would have cut off the funding that loons like Zawahiri and KSM needed to fund 911. It is time that the American people pay attention to this cover-up. Who do you want to protect your family for the next 4 years? Obama keeps opening up the doors for terrorism and he is afraid to interrogate our enemies. If you want to sleep at night with out worry:  Do you think it is time to vote the Liberal Democrats out?

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