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August 7, 2012

Freedom of Religion Threatened

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 07 Aug 2012

It was no accident that our founding fathers put freedom of religion first when they were compiling our Bill of Rights. Such a freedom was considered essential to a truly free society, and such freedom is rare in the world …

The Olympics and Feminist-style Reporting

Filed under: Academia, Media & Hollywood - 07 Aug 2012

It’s difficult to say if the greatest drama of the 2012 Olympics has occurred inside or outside the athletic arena, but it’s hard for anything to compare to the controversy that recently surrounded 16-year-old Chinese swim sensation Ye Shiwen. …

Biofuels Boondoggle

The Pentagon pays less than two dollars a gallon for jet fuel.

Under President Obama’s half a billion dollar ‘green energy’ initiative for the military the Navy spent $26 a gallon for biofuel made from algae.

Think that’s expensive? That’s nothing. …