Chick-Fil-A Experience: Americans Want More Freedom and Less Government

By: Joe Boyd

Yes taxes and regulations mean more government and less freedom.

Why does government need to be the at the center of our lives? Why is the news always filled with politicians and bureaucrats and what they think and say? Does anyone care what they think? Can’t we have more real people on TV that are not in the business of government, always trying to increase their business?

Government is destroying our bedrock institutions of church, school and family and trying to take over every aspect of our lives, including our right to think and speak freely. These days if you don’t agree with those in government–politicians, bureaucrats, judges– you need to change your thoughts and speech to meet their standards. This is un-American. For Democrat politicians you can think of the (D) next to their name as standing for dictatorship not democracy.

What a glorious day we had on August 1, 2012. We stood in line for about two hours to get our Chick-fil-A meals. We waited in the hot sun along with many other current and new customers. For you Democrats, be assured there were people of all races since you seem to like to divide people by race. Values are what makes people different–not race, gender or class.

It was so wonderful to see so many people out peacefully demonstrating for their values. Most American people still have the values this country traditionally stood for as enumerated in our Constitution. We still value individual freedom–the freedom of each individual to live their lives in peace and not be harassed or accosted by the government.

Obama and the Democrats are interested in central control of all money and power in Washington. They do not believe in individual freedom but in taking whatever you have and using it to their advantage. You do not have the right to live peacefully free from petty regulations or onerous taxes made by an arrogant ruling class. These politicians and government workers are a class of people hired to serve and represent the people but have turned their positions into a ruling class issuing edicts and creating confiscatory taxes. They may also enact international law which means there is no representative government for us as these laws were created by foreign entities, not our representatives. Their plan is to take away all individual freedoms so they have complete control of your money and your life (see Obamacare).

There can be no collective salvation when people have different values and varying degrees of responsible behavior (see Europe). Hence we have the attempt to control what people think, say and do. The American people have spoken loud and clear on August 1:

We want more freedom and less government. We don’t want to have our thoughts and speech suppressed. We want to speak freely without any antagonism or retaliation from government. We don’t want to be forced to accept what we don’t believe in or what goes against our religion or values. We want what’s best for our kids and grandkids not what’s best for the government class.

The People Have Spoken

How do we move forward? To have more freedom we need fewer government workers, politicians and people living off the government. We need lower taxes and fewer regulations and less litigation. We need all people to have the utmost individual freedom they can have. They need to have free will and make their own choices in life. We need all people to feel comfortable giving their honest opinions and speaking from their hearts. We need tolerance and maturity. We need the death of political correctness and the birth of honesty. We need every American to have an opinion on the proper and just role of government in citizen’s lives. Instead of having talking heads on TV clamoring for more government revenue we need calls for a decreased role of government in our lives and decreasing government revenue.

There were hundreds of customers at our local Chick-fil-A and it was a fun atmosphere. Whenever a car would exit the drive-thru the crowd would cheer them on. Many people drove far distances to find a Chick-fil-A. Even after 9:00 pm there was a constant flow of people showing up and getting in line.

There are very few ways to get back at a political class that is threatening you and taking advantage of you. The Chick-fil-A experience provided a cathartic release and made me proud of America and its people again. I have not felt very proud of America these past few years but I still see the light of freedom in the eyes of Americans. We are not beaten by the monstrous Democrat government yet.

What is the next target for Democrat politicians? The American people are ready to support them. I know millions of Americans will be hungry again.

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