Are We still Fighting over the Civil War’s Crater? Newt might Think So!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Newt Gingrich and his partner Forstchen have come up with another great Civil War Novel. If you haven’t experienced the read, it is quite fascinating to read a book that puts you in the middle of this battle. The Battle of the Crater by Gingrich and Forstchen.

When I look at history I try to compare it to things that are happening today.

Let’s assume Newts novel is 100% accurate. The Battle of the Crater was the perfect storm. By that time both sides were pretty tired of fighting. And the battles turned into trench warfare with a cost of a great deal of casualties just to try to extricate the trench inhabitants.

They were trenched out near Richmond and if they could win this battle, the Union could cut off Lee’s supply lines and probably end the long war. There was this big honking fortress in the middle of the Confederate lines and they came up with the perfect plan.

A bunch of Union folks blessed with being miners, decided that in several days they could tunnel under the fortress, blow it up in the middle of the night. They would cause such a ruckus and a giant crater. By the time the rebels recovered, the well trained Black troops would lead the entire White Union troops to finish off the Rebs.

The plan was all worked out and accepted by all. General Meade was not real happy with the plan. Like Obama he wanted the credit to go to him, and him alone. And General Burnside who ended up being Governor of Rhode Island, wasn’t the John Wayne of the day. When Meade changed all the plans at the last minute, Burnside basically sat on his hands and watched as thousands of Americans went into battle. Burnside took the blame, but eventually Meade was reduced to General Grant’s puppet for the remainder of the war.

President Lincoln was concerned, because his re-election was coming up and a victory would help him win the election and finish what he started.

After weeks of planning the real question is why would Meade change the plan with less then 24 hours before the battle?

He reduced the amount of the explosion. He provided fuses that were not reliable and timely. And the Black troops who never saw battle trained vigorously until they were well equipped and trained to accomplish the impossible. After the explosion that was to take place at 3:30 AM they were trained to attack with very little light and were all set and equipped to break down the trench barriers and run the Rebs all the way back to the supply lines.

At the last minute Meade orders Burnside not to use the Black troops. Instead a bunch of White troops led the charge. They were not trained. They were not properly equipped. They were not even briefed as to what they were supposed to do. Instead of taking over the trenches at 3:30 AM, the faulty fuses did not go off until there was daylight. And the Union troops ended up fighting from the Crater rather then the Rebel trenches.

As a result after a while it was like shooting fish in a barrel. Unfortunately the fish were the Union soldiers, and instead of shooting canon fire into the crater, they just had to light the fuses and lob them into the crater. Only about 865 Americans died that day. But why did Meade change the orders and caused the defeat?

There are several thoughts. Meade didn’t want Burnside to get the credit. Meade didn’t want the Black troops put in a position to win the battle. Maybe he didn’t trust the Black troops to actually go into battle as new recruits rather then veterans.

Quote from the book: “The point is, we Irish have had to claw every inch of the way for what this country claims is the right of all men, but those rights get forgotten by a lot of people once they get the rights for themselves.”

Another quote: “Two hundred thousand like them (black soldiers) now serve and they at least, as Frederick Douglass has said, have shown to the world the right of citizenship and no one will ever dare to take it away from them.”

When Obama ignores and makes fun of Our Constitution, is he like General Meade? Does Obama want this country to win? We know what ever happens tomorrow, Obama will find a way to take credit for things he had nothing to do with. And Obama works real hard to make sure that President Bush and the Republicans get all the blame and no credit.

In the end the newspapers wrote that it was the Blacks that caused the defeat of the Battle at the Crater. Newt tells the story in an all together different manner. Many Blacks were sacrificed that day because of the bad decisions of Meade and the lack of John Wayne qualities in Burnside. If Burnside was John Wayne: “Hey Partner” the battle would have ended differently. Can you Court Marshal a Hero? Obama has tried on several occasions.

It is always a shame and wasteful when politics get in the way of winning wars. But what about the Black stuff? Just the other day Costas couldn’t resist pointing out that Gabby the gymnast who won Gold was the first African American. As if none of us knew she was Black. Then he goofed. He said wouldn’t it be great if some Black child sitting at home today is inspired by this and takes up gymnastics (paraphrased). I am sure there were a few sitting in the ghetto and just couldn’t wait to find a coach. Do we have Public Housing funding for Olympic Training… Yet!

The point is wouldn’t a White girl be inspired by a Black girl winning the gold! Assuming Costas is a liberal, it appears that since the Civil War the liberals just can’t resist pointing out when one is Black. I think maybe it is time that these liberals understand that the color of skin makes no difference. They are all Americans and should be treated the same.

Since the time of General Meade, there has always been this need for liberals to point out the difference. And back then the liberal media blamed the loss on the cowardice of the Black Soldiers. It was a lie. It was the generals that lost the battle but they survived the day. Many of the Black soldiers did not. They made the ultimate sacrifice along with many of their white brethrens.

So we can only hope that the True Americans and the Patriotic Americans can see the political and liberal lies that infect our airways and print on a regular basis. It has been a long time since the Battle of the Crater. But it seems we are still fighting from the bottom of the Crater with no hope of an honest and fair system. To clarify, the word fair here means a capitalistic fair, not an Obama socialistic fair.

Please register to vote so real hope and change can occur in a capitalistic manner. Don’t let the liberals take Your American Dream Away again!

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