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August 13, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama – Talking Head

Filed under: Politically Incorrect Reality - 13 Aug 2012

The more I listen to the Kenyan who pretends to be America’s President, the more convinced I am that he is simply a talking head for his handlers.

The teleprompter is a marvelous device. If you have a “clean, articulate” black-skinned …

If it isn’t Right it’s Wrong

Back in the nineties when Pat Buchanan was wise enough to label the Culture War for what it was some of us asked, “How can a moral wrong be a civil right?” This was back when those coming out …

Closing the Trust Deficit

Civil society is made up of the institutions that people interact with. It’s not just politics and economics. The real basis of society are institutions such as the church, family, schools, etc. The problem is the Americans, by and large, …