Barack Hussein Obama – Talking Head

By: Michael John McCrae

The more I listen to the Kenyan who pretends to be America’s President, the more convinced I am that he is simply a talking head for his handlers.

The teleprompter is a marvelous device. If you have a “clean, articulate” black-skinned fellow with a white background; capable of reading script; you can make that black-skinned fellow into a messiah-like savior, given the right phrases. That black-skinned fellow can appeal to all of society. He can identify with whites; fooling them into believing he cares, simply because his grandmother was a “typical white woman”. He can also identify with blacks; saying: “If I had a son like Trevon, he’d look like me!”

Obama speaks tripe. That tripe is ancient. It is the same tripe one can find in the speeches of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Marx, Mao, Chavez, and Castro…just give me a dictator’s moniker! The evidence is in. Obama may be a really nice guy on the golf links; just ask any of the partners he’s played with after the past 104 golf outings. But, he is simply a talking head for those writing his socialism-laced speeches. I believe Obama can bring forth an “articulate” speech (of course I stopped listening to his twaddle long ago) but Obama does not, nor can he write an articulate speech. Every time he removes himself from view of his teleprompter, he stops telling us the ideals of his Marxist handlers; blabbering tirades against the production found in liberty by telling us: “You didn’t build that!”

The litany of lies emitted from the mouth of the Kenyan with the phony Connecticut Social Security Card, the phony Selective Service Card, the phony Birth certificate and the phony autobiographies is extremely impressive. Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis and Karl Marx would be proud of the army of lawyers protecting the public from finding out Barack Hussein Obama was born foreign, went to school as a foreign exchange student and is generally an idiot who depends on the stupidity and greed of his fellow liberals to ignore the truth.

I am not going to pretend to me Mitt Romney. I’m sure he is his own man and the coming election is his to lose or win based on his message to the electorate. I listen to the news, the accusations and I don’t really care. Obama will never get my vote. Obama is an unmitigated disaster for America. If he does get reelected, America will continue on its path of decline. Rome fell hard. Nazi Germany fell hard. The Soviet Union collapsed. All of history’s socialist societies went through various upheavals. With Barack Hussein Obama at the helm of America it will only be a matter of when America joins the ranks of failed, socialist experiments; seeking utopia.

America was born on the backs of men who knew that there was great value, great freedom in the ideal of individual liberty. They were largely men of faith; willing to exercise faith in God and faith that men would remain morally determined to support each other to protect liberty. For over two centuries the nation thrived on people helping people. The government stayed out of the way; keeping to its job protecting individual freedom. No more.

The government intrudes into every aspect of American life. Not to make life better or freer, but to restrict individual freedom. We are told what to eat, where to sleep, what to drive, where to vote, where we can build and how to build it. There is no allowance for innovation unless the government gets a cut. Taxes rise exponentially and the population gets poorer. More food stamps are needed, more welfare, disability payments and “Obamacare”. The current Democrat dominated Congress happily supplies whatever service possible to increase dependency.

The Kenyan stares into his teleprompter. He trusts his handlers to write the words that will make him sound intelligent. He knows all the words and ideals of Karl Marx and he trusts these words implicitly. He doesn’t have to think. He lets his handlers do the thinking. It is more important to head for his next fundraiser. He believes he is a shoo-in for reelection because he has mainstream media in his corner and he has a stupid electorate; standing with their hands out expecting more free money for their fealty to liberalism. They could care less about America’s decline.

The talking head smiles a lot.

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