Olympics: Do Democrats Root Against America?

By: Joe Boyd

In the Democrat Olympics everything is a tie.


Watching the Olympics I am very impressed with the United States. We are a free people (for now) and we let our individuals excel on their own using the natural talents and gifts, without the interference from the government. In sports and all endeavors, individuals will achieve their highest level of greatness on their own without government intervention.


If I was a leftist, would I be rooting against the United States? Would I want the USA to lose everything and be beaten by other countries? Wouldn’t it only be fair if the best athletes were held back to make it more even?


Hating America

Obama and Democrats have several reasons and ideologies why they hate America. According to them, America has done some horrible things in the past and needs to be knocked down a peg or two. What has America done that is so bad?



Yes America participated in the slave trade as did the rest of the world. Only about 10% of the slave trade happened in the USA. How should America pay for its role in 10% of the slave trade and how should other countries pay for their 90% of the slave trade? Can we just forget the whole thing and have a colorblind society?


American Indians

Yes America was settled by Europeans, Mexicans and others. In this “settling” of America the indigenous people were displaced at times and engaged in wars at times. What country has not displaced its indigenous people? Should we make the European countries and Mexico make reparation payments to the Indians?



America has one of the most capitalist systems in the world. It has given people the opportunity to serve others and become wealthy in the process (the horrors). Not everyone gets to be wealthy. It turns out you need to vastly improve the lives of others to get filthy rich (See Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Apple, etc.).


What’s so great about America? In two words: limited government. America’s founding documents were specifically drafted to protect the citizens from the government. Several principles that we live by have helped keep America the best country in the world. If you think other countries are better then why don’t you move to a better place? As some have said, “millions of illegal immigrants can’t be wrong.”


America has a pretty good legal system. We respect the private property rights of everyone. We have a burdensome tax load but not as bad as Europe. We didn’t create or embrace socialism and communism like Europe. We have had minimal government regulations (until recently). We have had peaceful enjoyment of our private property.


America is the most generous country in the world. We give the most to charity and we help people all over the world through our non-profit organizations. We fight wars at great cost to us but don’t pillage. We welcome immigrants and pay for their healthcare, education and food. We enjoy one of the best standards of living in the world.


A Democrat Olympics

What would a Democrat Olympics look like based on their philosophy? Democrats typically don’t like competition or personal responsibility. Competition and responsibility push people to excel and in all games someone has to lose. They like a world where everyone wins (actually they like a world where everyone is a loser living off the government). What would the Olympics look like if run by the Democrat party?


Equality: Make everything is a tie so there are no losers. Give everyone the same size trophy just for trying. Self-esteem is more important than achievement.


Redistribution of Wealth: Take the medals from the winners and give them to the losers. Make sure all athletes and countries end up with the same amount of medals. However, those athletes that work for the government or are related to a politician are exempted and can have more than others.


Affirmative Action: Give some athletes or countries more points solely based on race (not economic disadvantage).


Contraceptives: Make 150,000 condoms available for the athletes. (Wait….this actually happened in 2012). Encourage promiscuous behavior which is low class, dangerous, transmits diseases and destroys souls.


Homosexuality: Every homosexual must be identified and their lifestyle must be glorified and accepted by everyone. Or the government will punish you.


The One Percent: If an athlete or country has already done well in prior Olympics they should be immediately disqualified. Any earnings they have should be confiscated and given to the government officials to line their pockets…I mean to help the people.


Unions: Have the government fund the Olympics with tax dollars, pay the Olympic employees exorbitant pay and benefits, and then collect dues which are given back to the politicians.


Energy: Use no fossil fuels for electricity and make everyone run in the dark.


Separation of church and state: No mention of God or prayer is allowed. You can thank the government but not God or Jesus. No wearing of crosses or religious expression of any kind.


Global warming: Since the athletes will be breathing harder it will increase CO2. Make each one pay a carbon offset which goes to Democrat politicians.


Healthcare: If an athlete gets hurt make them wait for months to see a doctor as is customary in in all government-run healthcare systems. However, those athletes that work for the government or are related to a politician are exempt from Obamacare and can have immediate access to healthcare.


National Security: Make all athletes and countries share their training secrets so no one has an advantage over anyone else. If we all share then we will all be equal and no one will want to fight any more. Then we can all hold hands and sing cheerful songs together.


Division: Divide everyone by race, gender and class and tell each of them how Republicans are out to get them.


Socialism: You didn’t build that. If you won an event it wasn’t due to your hard work. It was the government’s support that did it for you.


God bless America and the finest athletes in the world.

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