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August 17, 2012

The Ryan Effect

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In the early morning hours of Saturday, August 11th, republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced his running mate selection to be Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan, a rising star among conservatives within the party. Like any selection, it can be praised …

Report Card #3: Betcha Obama wishes he could vote present. Obama has done nothing for women!

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Since the writing of the second report card, things for Obama continue to spiral downward. Liberals like to think in their imaginary world, Like Obama, they see the economy improving. Improving for whom? Is it improving for the poor people?

November 6, 2012 an Election or a Last Chance? – Check Your Clock America!

Calling indecision cowardice may seem a bit harsh, but honestly assessing the state of the nation today, anyone worth his salt would have to concur that; indecision in today’s social climate is an act of pure foolishness.