Report Card #3: Betcha Obama wishes he could vote present. Obama has done nothing for women!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Since the writing of the second report card, things for Obama continue to spiral downward. Liberals like to think in their imaginary world, Like Obama, they see the economy improving. Improving for whom? Is it improving for the poor people?

The Olympics were great. There were the usual bad calls and protests but overall USA came home with the most medals in all three categories. I recall seeing President Bush at the last Olympics. If Obama was the greatest president ever, do you recall his failed attempt to have the next Olympics in Chicago? That was probably a signal for things to come. Obama has a great imagination but he really hasn’t done anything that was good for our country. How come Obama did not show up at the Olympics to cheer on the Americans? Most of these were Christians, what if they were Muslims? Would Obama have voted himself present?

I remember him traveling all around the world to tell everyone how great he was going to be. Talk is cheap. Wait a minute not if it comes from Obama. His world entourage back then included many planes and people traveling to tell how great he was going to be. Obama had to tell the Nobel Peace Prize folks how great he was going to be. Four years later he still has troops all over the place. The death count in Afghanistan is now about 2088 and rising. This was the “Necessary War” according to Obama and Biden.

But with all this travel money: How come Obama was marked absent at the Olympics? At least at the NAACP convention he sent a cameo video. Was calling Phelps the same as being there? I know in the minds of the liberals it was.

But Obama is or was 7 points ahead of Romney in the minds of the Liberals why couldn’t he take time from his fund raising schedule to visit the American Athletes in London. Why not take Lady Obama and the kids to London. Bring the Mother-in -Law as well. Touch the queen and make a day or week of it.

Just maybe in the mix of likely voters, Obama knows that he is not 7 points ahead.

One of his Olympic ads had a line like this:

“We tried that top down approach that’s what got us into the mess in the first place.”

Obama and the liberals have been in charge for a long time. The last time any top down approach was made was when President Reagan occupied the Whitehouse. And maybe it happened when Clinton cut Capital Gains tax. People (liberal media) seem to forget that fact. The economy did nothing when Clinton taxed the rich retroactively. But when he cut capital gains tax, the economy began to grow. Last time I checked cutting capital gains tax did not help the poor people directly. Are food stamps and welfare and all the other give-a-ways taxed as capital gains? Do poor people create jobs?

Did the middle class benefit directly from Clinton’s cut of capital gains tax? They probably did not gain much. But they did gain because there was a growth in the number of jobs. But very few middle class folks gain directly from cutting capital gains.

Remember the part about FDR when he raised the taxes on businesses and the rich. The rich just stopped spending their money. Why invest your money when the reward for gain was so small. The Rich like the Kennedys already have the money in the bank. They don’t have to spend it. If they don’t spend it, there is no tax.

So when it comes to understanding the economy Obama gets a big “F”. After almost 4 years of liberal experimentation, he didn’t inherit anything. Obama and the liberals caused the melt down of the American economy. The economy has fallen and it can’t get up. And Obama doesn’t know where to look for the Lifeline!

Obama keeps telling the rich he is going to make them pay their fair share. Now that’s going to help the economy. All the liberal celebs come on and they say they want to pay more taxes. There is nothing stopping them from voluntarily donating to the government. I am sure Michael Jordan, Opie, the Fonz or even Andy Griffith’s estate has not voluntarily donated money to the Treasury of the United States. What’s stopping them! They may have contributed to Obama’s campaign, but really now, if they want to pay more taxes, who is stopping them? Why do they support Obama who only wants to raise taxes on them…? Or do they get an automatic voucher? And maybe we should stop buying Haines in protest, until Jordan starts putting his money where his mouth is and starts donating his money to the treasury.

Since Obama’s unemployment still grows higher and underemployment is a secret, Obama gets another “F” for the economy. And for the idiots out there, if you give him another 4 years it will not get any better.

Are you better off now, then you were 4 years ago. Do you feel better about the direction the country is heading for the last 4 years? Obama gets another “F”.

Has Obama done anything for Women? Actually not! Obamacare has not given anybody any free healthcare. Medicaid recipients have always been able to receive FREE contraceptives. Last week a liberal pundit said this will be great. A pregnancy is more expensive then paying for the free contraceptives. It must be great to live in their make-believe world. If Medicaid has been issuing free contraceptives for ages, how come we still have all these so called unwanted pregnancies among the Medicaid population? Either the women are stupid or they want to get pregnant. But at least they have free contraceptives. They always had them; they did not get them from Skippy!

So I give Obama an A+ for still being able to fool the single mom. The women get an “F” for believing Obama’s propaganda. Obama has done nothing to help you if you are not on Medicaid. He has done nothing to help you collect child support from the deadbeat dads. Matter of fact Obama has made it easier for the deadbeat dad not to work. If daddy does not have a legitimate job, he can’t be forced to work to pay for your child.

Obama has made it easier to collect Medicaid, food stamps and disability. Do tell me again why you love Obama so much? Did Obama get you a better job?

But just remember he wants you to pay as a tax for the 30 million more people he voted to put on Medicaid. Assuming we had the additional doctors to treat these 30 million for hang nails and the like, you will pay for the Medicaid services of others brought to you by Obama and the liberals. And your health care services will be cut. You will still have a deductible. You will have to wait on line. And at the end of the day you will pay more while you are forced to keep a job that does not pay enough.

If I were you, I would vote for Obama again. Now that seems like a fair deal!

Why not give Obama another 4 years when he has accomplished nothing for the single mom in the first 4 years.

Uneducated people must understand that National Prosperity comes from the private sector and not from the hands of a Liberal Amateur named Obama.

About The Author Dr. Phil Taverna:
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