Are We “All In”?

By: Craig Chamberlain

Clint Hurdle, the manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, likes to use the phrase “all in” to describe his dedication to the team. He moved his family from Colorado and settled in Pittsburgh, he’s active in the community, and he’s got the Pirates playing their best baseball in years, and they’re flirting with their first winning season since 1992(I’m keeping my fingers crossed). So what am I getting at here? I’m talking about us as a people. The Pirates have been bad for twenty years, they’ve been a laughing stock throughout baseball, and let me tell you it’s been painful to watch. Our country is in danger of becoming the Pittsburgh Pirates of countries. No, I don’t mean that we’ll slide into third world status, but there won’t be too many people who consider America to be a superpower if things keep going the way they are.

If you read this chances are you’re a conservative, you love your country and you’re not happy at all with the way things are going. We have a 15 trillion dollars in debt, a deficit of 4 trillion dollars, the official unemployment rate is 8.3%(I suspect the real rate is somewhere in the 15-17% range), the President is nationalizing health care, declaring amnesty for illegal immigrants, slashing our defense budget to the bone while increasing spending everywhere else, he wants massive new tax hikes, we have endless bailouts, his foreign policy is a joke, and he’s pushing a radical redefinition of marriage onto the country. Americans are right to be pessimistic.

But the question is : what are we going to do about it? Are we all in to fix our country and turn things around, to make America America once again? Because that is the stark choice before us this November. We can continue to go down the road with Obama, the road of socialism, the road of decline, the road where economic and military weakness are the new normal. Or we can hit the brakes, and turn around to prosperity. It’s been said before, that this election is the most important one since 1980. I disagree, I think it’s more important than that. This is our most important election in 100 years.

The Progressive state was born 100 years ago, in the election of 1912. There Woodrow Wilson got elected, got two progressive amendments ratified, one calling for an income tax, the other for the popular election of Senators. FDR made his bones in the Wilson administration as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. When he became President he took all that he learned in the Wilson administration and amplified it during his own tenure. Their efforts made it so that even if a conservative won an election he had to operate within a Progressive framework. The Democratic party is dedicated to one thing and one thing only. They exist only to preserve that state that was set up be Wilson and expanded upon be Roosevelt and Johnson. They believe in it so much that they will use violence if needed to protect it.(just look at occupy Wall St.)

This is our chance to undo what the Progressives have done. What they did in 1912, we can do in 2012. We can lay the foundation for a conservative state. A state governed by the constitution, a government with limited powers, and where we finally acknowledge what we haven’t dared for almost a century: money doesn’t grow on trees. We see signs of victory. The Progressive state is beginning to unravel. California is going bankrupt,Illinois is facing economic disaster, and Wisconsin, the birthplace of progressivism, has shaken off the leftist yoke and begun to establish a more conservative government. But not without conflict, not without violence. Are we ready for that on a national level? Because if we’re not, if we want to shun the hard decisions then we might as well vote to reelect President Obama. If Romney wins we can expect violence. The left knows what is at stake, do we? They know that a Republican victory could be the beginning of the end. They’ll not concede graciously and they won’t go quietly into the night. Expect resistance.

The Tea Party was another sign that the Progressive system was beginning to unravel. It would have been unthinkable, even in the Reagan years, for the people to stand up, take to the streets, and demand that the government stop spending money that it doesn’t have. Their victories in 2010 can translate into an even greater victory this November. If we vote in Romney and a Republican congress we can accomplish what even Reagan couldn’t. Real fiscal discipline. Victory won’t be accomplished in one election, or even two, but we can lay the foundation. And with the foundation down we can build from there.

It’s a clear choice this November. Do we vote for Romney a businessman who has shown great economic success, who wants to cut taxes, cut spending, reform entitlements, and limit government. Or do we stick with Obama? It’s our choice. We can let America continue to go down its current path, or we can declare ourselves “all in” and do whatever needs to be done to stop the ruination of this country. Given that, it’s an easy choice.

Vote Romney. Vote Ryan. Vote Republican.

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