Democrat Talking Points: You Are Anti-Gay, Racist and a Tax Cheat

By: Joe Boyd

If you support families, personal responsibility or limited government you need to change your mind, shut up or you will be defined as evil.

It is amazing how Democrats all say the same thing. I don’t know how they do it but they have quite a political machine to be able to coordinate their talking points. Their tactic essentially amounts to calling someone a name, defining them as evil in some way and thus shutting down debate.

You heard Harry Reid say Romney paid no taxes the past ten years. As if that’s supposed to make us dislike Romney. If you legally pay no taxes you are my hero. If you live on taxes you may be receiving money you don’t deserve.

Liberals claim that supporting heterosexual marriage means you are anti-gay. If you or Chick-fil-A supports family associations such as the American Family Association or Focus on the Family then you are anti-gay. If supporting family is anti-gay then supporting gay marriage must be anti-family. We do know it is definitely anti-children.

If you think everyone needs to be personally responsible for themselves you are racist. If you think we need to check IDs to have a legitimate voting process you are racist. If you expect people to excel and compete on their own merits you are racist. You can fill in the blank: if you want……. then you must be racist. It seems Democrats will tie any issue to the rights of non-white people (except Asians, who have close, intact families and therefore excel).

Is the cost of your government a good value for what you pay them? Are they charging you too much for what you receive? Government should not have any taxing power at all. They should go back to living on user fees and getting paid for a direct service that they provide. This would eliminate fraud and corruption. The reason public schools don’t work is because the funds never make it to the classroom. If we all paid our local principal as happens in private schools the government schools might be successful.

Giving money to government is always a bad idea. Why do you think social security and Medicare cost so much? Because there are billions in fraud. It’s not their money so why do government employees care where it goes? The more people they can get on these programs the more funding they can get and the more captive voters they will have. Tell the Democrat voting base Republicans will take away your money and see how they vote.

People that are in the business of government always want government to grow. Just as a private business needs to continually grow revenues to expand, the government employees always want more taxes to expand. If you are not paying much in taxes you are not paying much to them. They always want higher taxes which means more pay for them.

We all know the top earners pay most of the taxes to support the government. It is unfair and discriminatory to have a minority bear most of the cost of government. We need equality in payments so everyone either pays the same amount, the same rate or pays directly for the services they consume.

Personal Responsibility
There are endless government programs. We know that food stamp use has grown by about 45% since Obama took office. It used to be that tax money was “dirty money” and no one wanted to accept it. Now it seems there is no stigma and everyone is trying to get as much from the government as they can. Government employees have figured out they can raid the public treasury for themselves and awarded themselves fantastic pensions and benefits. Hence the ever need for more tax revenue.

Apparently if you think it is OK to require an ID to vote you are racist. For some reason Democrats believe certain people of color can’t get an ID or driver’s license. If they can’t complete that simple task then how can they be an educated and informed voter?

Democrats will tie every issue to race if they can: If you vote Republican you are racist, if you don’t want Affirmative Action you are racist, if you are not a communist you are racist. Racism does not exist in this country as it used to. We are seeing more mixed marriages and multi-racial children. My hope is the politicians will not be able to divide the people and turn them against each other as they do now. What racism/discrimination does exist today is mainly against the heterosexual white male. There can be no white or male clubs but anyone else can form their own organization to the exclusion of white males.

Democrats have used the accusation of racism so much it is hardly taken seriously any longer. Racism is dead, long live personal responsibility.

Are you Anti-Gay or Pro-Family?
The term now used by liberals for those that support heterosexual marriage is that you are anti-gay if you are against homosexual marriage. Democrats destroy the rights of children in many ways but imagine if you had no mother or father? Is this fair to the child?

By Democrats own admission being pro-gay means you are anti-family. A family consists of a man, a woman and their children. Homosexuals have a sterile relationship and cannot reproduce without a third party. Every child has and has a right to a mother and a father.

The next time Democrats call someone anti-gay be assured they are not anti-gay but pro-family and pro-children. The next time they call someone a racist (could be for any position they have) they are actually for personal responsibility. The next time they tell someone they don’t pay enough taxes we know giving money to government (their God) is always a bad idea.

Democrats don’t see people as beautiful, free individuals but as someone to attack, conquer, control, manipulate and take everything they have.

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