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August 26, 2012

So Much Ammo

Filed under: American National Security - 26 Aug 2012

How much ammo is too much? That’€™s the question raised in some circles. In the last few months, the Department of Homeland Security has sought to purchase more than one billion rounds of small arms ammunition.

Akin To Akin: The biologically ignorant Sen. Boxer

By now, practically everybody has condemned Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin for his bizarre claim that a natural defense mechanism prevents women from becoming pregnant as a result of rape. Because of that statement, previously endangered Democrat incumbent Claire …

Are You the Forgotten Man? Part 2

Filed under: History - 26 Aug 2012

There was so much material in this book we needed a part 2. According to Amity Shlaes, her book, The Forgotten Man is someone that will peak your interest for sure.