An American Outrage

By: William P. Frasca

Preserving heritage means… honoring, obeying, defending and respecting the Constitution of the United States of America. This precious document must be forever preserved, because if it is lost, manipulated, forgotten or abused, our heritage will be destroyed. – William P. Frasca 

We must constantly ask ourselves, in our present state, as true Americans, time and time again, to reinforce our precious words of the Constitution. The most pertinent question asked? Does the President, The Senate, The House of Representatives, The Supreme Court, including all the Bureaucratic Demigods of government employees that are associated with a pay check earned from the blood, sweat and tears of the United State taxpayer actually do work for us? Did we knowingly and willingly relinquish our employer status, or did we have absolutely no clue this was happening? Did we wake up one morning finding ourselves with no voice, muted by the same government established by our forefathers dedicated to the preservation and proudly displayed as by, for and of the people?

These past budgetary controversies, including Obamacare, lies, innuendoes, the stimulus, the nanny state, corruption, do what I say and not what I do and abuse of power with forced compliance was the trade mark of this Administration. The will of the people was almost broken. The “Two Party System” was in shambles, tilting the scales of power to a one Party rule dictatorship. The ultimate supremacy of His Highest, Barack Hussein Obama, self proclaimed Caesar and Messiah, together with the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats ruled with an iron hand. They disregarded any and all legitimate acts of protest, dialog and participation, with the pompous obstinate vanity of ignoring the will of the people. Checks and balances were destroyed. Until a group of American Patriots, who believed in the Constitution, Freedom, Liberty and “Taxation with Representation”   rose up from the ashes like the Phoenix and formed the respectable organization called the “Tea Party?”  

These brave individuals, with peaceful revolutionary roots, were a God send to America, bringing back our pride and self esteem. They proved one thing, without them the Republican Party would have rolled over and played dead to the desires of Barrack Hussein Obama, The Chosen One and the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives.

The well established dinosaurs of the Grand Old Republican Party were raising the white flag of surrender before the process began. They were consistently stating compromise, once they heard of the possibilities of being blamed for any Government Shutdown. The burden of blame was placed on them by their opponents, and they meekly accepted. They were afraid to be forceful and stand up for their principles, and the principles of the people they represented. They were cowards.

Even when they had control of the Presidency, The Senate, and The House Of Representatives, under George W. Bush they danced to the tune of the Democratic minority. Give the Democrats some credit, when they assumed this role they reeked with relentless arrogance, and passed everything and anything they wanted. The desires of the opposition party and the American people were non-existent. This self love and blameless mentality continued even after their humiliating historic loss November 2010 in the House of Representatives.

These enthusiastically refreshingly newly elected Tea Party Candidates to the Senate and the House of Representatives were relentless. This new breed of Republican is most impressive, but they couldn’t have been created without the help and guidance of the Conservative/Constitutionalists taxpaying Americans united to form this historic Party. The Democrats know their opponents and can easily be bluff, by either using the race card, prejudice social insensitivity and class warfare playing the same old blame game accusation. Every time they use these marked cards, the old established Republicans would buckle under to their name calling and threats. 

This is only the beginning; in order for the Republicans Party to survive it must bring in a new diversified members and candidates with courage and principle. Who are not afraid, back down from opposition and are willing to fight for freedom and liberty, yielding and listening to the will of the people. They must have unrelenting pride and honor to respect their “Oath of Office” with complete reverence of protecting and defending The Constitution of the United States of America. America must never be held hostage by selfish individuals, who place themselves above the Country, The Law and the People.

The sarcastic gall and shameful despicable disgrace of our President Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One”, displayed, coupled with the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives have disrespectfully dishonored our brave military personnel to the point of idiocy. Their unified uncompassionate disregard of holding the Sword of Damocles over the heads of the Republican\Tea Party if they didn’t yield to their budgetary demands of holding back the military’s paycheck, which are used to support their families are an abomination. Especially, in this unstable time that our Country is experiencing and courageously fighting multiply Wars throughout the world.

The real kicker in all this was these selfish cretins of sub terrarium Socialist stench saw to it and authorized that their own paychecks would be undisturbed. Our Country is slowly but surely losing its greatness by electing and yielding to individuals of the lowest Socialistic\Liberal caliber. This Obama Administration has mixed up priorities; making our great Country weak and ineffective. Do you think this is just stating another Mother Goose nursery rhyme, think again?

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