Is it an Akins Diet? Or is it just Plain Vanilla Rape?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

One of the problems with rape is that there are no real statistics. They are pretty much make-believe. So we will take a shot at the discussion of rape. Looking at the 1994 statistics we begin to get some kind of a picture. But first believe it or not there are doctors that say women are less likely to get pregnant when raped. So Akins was not pulling stuff out of thin air like Obama and Fluke.

It appears that most if not all statistics about rape appear to be surveys and not actual statistics. This is very problematic when the activists quote these statistics as though they are based on facts.

To give you an idea we are number 2 in rapes. US claims about 90,000 rapes annually and that’s down from 109,000 in 1992. And UK is number one with 159,000.

And the next closest country according to the UN is India with about 22,000.

13,000 abortions they claim occurred in 1994 due to pregnancies caused by rape or incest.

And one more statistic is about convictions. In 2008 there were 22,584 arrests for rape. And in the 75 largest counties from 1990-2002 there were 1,987 convictions in state courts. That averages out to be about 152.8 convictions per year for rape.

All these facts seem to be doctored by the wacko feminists that seem to want a different picture painted then what actually exists in this world.

And one more fact they claim is that 80% of the rapes are caused by spouses, relatives or acquaintances.

And one claim was about rape kits going untested. The claim was that there were 20,000 rape kits in 4 cities that went untested. In other words they took the time to process the rape victims but they never ran the DNA tests.

So what does this all mean? Let’s look at a CBS article. There was a gal named Valerie and she was drinking on a date and the first time date was playing baseball. He was making his rounds on all the bases. And Valerie said no to sexual intercourse is assumed from reading the article. But after several drinks and passing out, the deed was done and this grown-up gal claims she was raped. Well at least that’s what the CBS article tried to claim. I am sure that some where along the way he may have thought she consented. But the real question to all these wacko feminists: Does the woman have any responsibility? And it appears that most of the 80,000 alleged rapes in this country are rapes like this!

People like Fluke think they invented sex. But I remember in 1968 a frat guy trying to sell me on his fraternity. He said that girls come in every weekend and everyone gets to have sex with them. After a few weeks they started to urinate on them. Some kind of a salesman! At my age, I was pretty disgusted. What kind of girl in 1968 would allow that to happen to them? The feminists will say it was her father’s fault. But the point is this girl was not raped. But when they get to answer a survey and answer the question, they indicate that legally they were raped. We should not allow this nonsense to continue.

If you were raped then go to the police station and file a complaint. So the feminists imagine 80,000 or more rapes but only 22,584 rapes resulted in an arrest? And how many of these are falsely made-up. So if very few are actually convicted, it appears with very little stretch of the imagination that the claims for rape in the United States are way below 22,000. Now since India has a population many times that of the US, this is starting to make some kind of sense. And most prosecutors and their staffs are female today. The alleged rape victims should get plenty of sympathy. But would a female prosecutor actually feel comfortable arresting the johns? What are the chances of obtaining a conviction?

And anyone claiming an abortion due to rape should be made to bring charges if that number is to be relied on with any real statistics as being “reported”.

So now let’s get back to Akins and his notion of legitimate rape. So is he saying the above rape is illegitimate rape? It might be rape by law, but there are no actual statistics that will back it up. My question is why would feminists want to portray the United States and UK as an unsafe place for the virtue of women?

Would you drive an expensive car in a bad neighborhood and walk around with hundred dollar bills sticking out of your pockets. When you get robbed it would still be a statistic but most of your friends and family would say: “What are you out of your mind?” And if you show up at a frat party and at a young age you start drinking and doing drugs and lose control of your will power, along with everyone else at the party, who is responsible for the outcome?

Granted if you were in your home and passed out on the floor and someone broke in… well that’s a different story. But most people at these parties only have one thing on their mind, and it ain’t algebra.

So what if we limit legitimate rape to real rape. You know the kind where the person is left for dead: Now that becomes a different story.

The body does begin to shutdown and the body functions are no longer within normal limits. In most cases the body is in shock. In that situation, the probability of getting pregnant is probably slim to none. If you are drunk out of your mind, then the chance of getting pregnant with unprotected sex goes up to 20%. Of course if there is any means of protection at play, the number drops precipitously.

The imaginary statistics out there come in at 5% for getting pregnant from rape. Again these numbers come from abortion clinics and surveys. So again they are unreliable.

What comes to mind is that gal on Maury Povich who is up to her third father and she still can’t find the father of her child. “You are not the father”. Was she having so much sex that she doesn’t know who the daddy is or was she passed out in the back yard and became the neighborhood piñata.

So we live in a strange new world. And no one wants to take responsibility for their bodily functions and the statistics.

So at the end of the day, Akins is correct in his statement and he did not make it up. The numbers do not support pregnancy from rape to be what it would be if all rape was unprotected and all female’s ovaries were totally receptive to the invasion of the baby creators.

But the real issue comes from the liberal Democrats. Since there are some folks out there that believe that abortion should not be available for women who get pregnant after being raped… These people are nuts. And politically it is suicidal. About 20% of the population wants abortion to be legal at anytime. And the other 20% don’t want abortion to ever be legal. But about 80% strongly believe that abortion should be available for rape, incest and when the life of the mother is at serious risk. So if a politician wants to go up against 80% of the population like Obama, you better keep your day job.

The Republicans should be talking only about Obama’s economy. What does abortion have to do with the failures of the Obama economy?

This just opens the door for wackos like Fluke to say that all Republicans are against females’ rights and access to contraception. The idiot still doesn’t realize that she is paying for her own contraceptives by increased premiums. And now all the Kool-Aid drinkers will continue to pay for about 30 millions more Medicaid recipients who will include the newly freed illegal immigrants who were allowed by the executive order of Obama. It is Obama’s own personal Dream Act! Don’t forget to thank him in November!

I think the rest of the country would feel better about their country if we fixed the rape statistics. Even 15,000 rapes a year is still too many…It sounds better then 80,000 annually would you agree?

And maybe we need breathalyzers at frat houses. Once a newbie’s alcohol level reaches a certain amount the president of the frat house is required to kick her butt out of the frat house. And hopefully the campus security will be available to make sure she gets home safely. Or better yet why not lock them up in jail until they sleep it off. And send a picture of sleeping beauty off to mom and dad! Women should take some responsibility to protect their dignity and their virtue. Ask Prince Harry’s friends?

It would be better than being gang raped and urinated on! At least you could look in the mirror come morning with some dignity.

But Akins was a jerk for weighing in with his opinion which was actually 100% correct. He should stick with the question: Are you better off today then you were 4 years ago? And who is the worse president ever? Is it Jimmy Carter or Obama?

You make the call!

Disclaimer: It is the author’s opinion that rape is a serious crime and a terrible act. All rape should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

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