What Can the Democrats Say?

By: Craig Chamberlain

Now that the GOP has finished up its convention and finished beating the Democrats like a drum one wonders what the Democrats will say in Charlotte? For the last three days the American people got to see up and coming Republicans like Ted Cruz, Mia Love, Susanna Martinez, that is unless you were one of the nine people who watched MSNBC. Who’s the racist now? Honestly I didn’t watch much of the GOP convention, I already know who I’m voting for in November so there’s no new information out there for people like me. So, in the spirit of kindness, I’ll look into my crystal ball and tell you what will go on in Charlotte so you don’t have to watch.

Here are the things you will see at the DNC:

1) Class warfare. The Democrats know that most of the swing voters are beyond their reach. So instead of moving to the center to win over moderates we can expect a full throat defense of progressivism and a lot of red meat thrown to the audience. Expect a lot of talk about Mitt Romney being rich, the GOP being the party of the rich, tax cuts for the rich, the Republicans hate the poor, and resurrecting the failed policies of George W. Bush. Expect the Democrats to talk as if President Obama will be running against Bush in November, not Romney.

2) The war on women. The fact that Sandra Fluke is going to be a keynote speaker, a woman of no discernible accomplishments or talents, and is only known for whining to Congress that it’s not fair that she has to pay for her own birth control should tell us all we need to know about this. In a more civilized age someone would have told the whore to get over it and pay for her own pills. Now her ideas are not considered that extreme, especially in the Democratic party. The Democrats will tell women voters, most of whom vote Democrat, that if the GOP gets their way women will be forced to quit their jobs, be chained to the oven bare foot and pregnant. And expect a lot of talk about Todd Akin and his idiotic statements. Never mind that the vast majority of the GOP has repudiated his statement. They won’t be able to quote a Republican other than Akin but expect a lot of talk about women’s rights suffering under a potential Romney administration.

3) Racism. While President Obama probably won’t go down that road expect the other speakers and the media to carry that water for him. You see everything is racist now. The following words are codewords for racism. Arrogance, anger, slow recovery, Chicago, these are all racist words. The Democrats will do their very best to scare minority voters that Mitt Romney is a closet Klansman and, if elected, we’ll see the repeal of the voting rights act and civil rights act. And since the left and the Democratic party have completely descended into madness they actually believe their own propaganda.

That’s really all the Democrats have left. They went from hope and change to despair and fear. If the Democrats had anything to brag up they would be doing it. So with that in mind here are some things that you won’t hear at the Democratic convention.

1) The truth. The truth might set you free, but it could also make you a one term President. If the Democrats talk about what they’ve done they’re doomed for sure. They can’t talk about the unemployment rate they haven’t lowered. They can’t talk about energy prices, they can’t talk about food prices, they can’t talk about the lack of a recovery, they can’t talk about the bailouts, GM, Solyndra, or the stimulus.

2) Success. They don’t have any. I mean let’s be honest. The main thing the voters care about is jobs, and unemployment, and President Obama can’t name anything in that field that he’s gotten right. Even in other fields, such as foreign policy, don’t offer much success. There will be a lot of talk about killing Bin Laden, which had to be the easiest command decision of all time. But then what? The success of the apology tour, standing up for the Iranian people, doing the right thing during the Arab spring, selling out eastern Europe to the Russians, are any of those things successes?

3) Decency. For all of the talk of civility we can expect the DNC to be about as civil as a meeting of Visigoths. There will be a lot of talk about the bigotry of the republican party and accusing Paul Ryan of everything except being responsible for the holocaust, and if they thought that they could get away with it they would. It wouldn’t shock me if they didn’t boo Cardinal Dolan when he gives a prayer. The increasing anti-theism of the Democratic party could very well come into full view.

It will be a stark contrast with the RNC. Where patriotism and optimism were on full display, compared to the pessimism and being embarrassed of America that is the stock and trade of the Democratic party. The Democrats can’t say anything except “Republicans are bad so vote for us.” Four more years of this would be a disaster. The Republicans, Romney and Ryan, want to fix things, and think America is still great. The GOP ticket is America’s last chance to survive and prosper.

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