Democrats Don’t Deserve to Govern

By: Craig Chamberlain

It’s a possibility, though not a guarantee, that President Obama will win reelection. That’s not something that a conservative would want to contemplate. If this nightmare scenario occurs conservatives and patriots need to ask themselves, what’s next? It has been my opinion that the United States simply cannot survive a second Obama term. Our days as a great nation will be over. The poison of progressivism will have finally succeeded in killing off constitutional liberty. There’s no point in debating here what a second Obama term would look like. Others have already done that.

Instead we need to ask what is the proper response if President Obama is reelected? I don’t have any hope if he’s reelected, that’s why this election is so important, more important than the election of 1980, this might be the most important election since 1860, or maybe ever. This is true because the Democratic party is no longer a moderate, mainstream, political party. Today it is a totalitarian revolutionary movement dedicated to overthrowing the constitutional government and remaking the country in their image. The party of Jefferson and Madison of limited government and constitutionalism has become the party of Bill Ayers and Bill Maher.

The modern Democratic party is anti family, anti God, anti property, anti liberty, and anti American. Don’t believe me? Listen to what they say, read their platform for this year. Gay marriage and abortion are now, as far as they are concerned, human rights that cannot be restricted in anyway. The party is anti theist to the core, with the majority of party activists not only disbelieving in God but are filled with a searing contempt for those who do. They agree with the Occupy Wall Street movement and think that the constitution is invalid because it was written by white men. It’s no stretch to say that today’s Democratic party is the party of Secularism, Socialism, and Sodomy.

Do we want such a party governing America? Should we allow such a party to govern America? Jefferson said in the Declaration of Independence that governments long established should not be done away with for light and transient reasons. The end of our constitutional freedoms, which will be the result of a second Obama term, is neither light nor transient. Now, this is not a call to armed rebellion. But it is a call to disobedience. A government can only enforce its laws as long as the people are willing to obey them. Patriots should resort to massive civil disobedience to thwart Obama, should he get a second term. After all, as leftists are so fond of pointing out, dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Civil disobedience, if there is any hope, will be our only one.

Some might think that I’m being melodramatic. But that’s not the case. Any objective observation over the last four years would tell any honest rational person that we’re becoming less free and will continue to do so under a second Obama term. The executive branch has grabbed almost kingly powers, with its illegal czars, new IRS agents, and its ignoring a Congress whenever it is controlled by the opposition. We have so much debt that might never get out from under it. Our religious freedoms are under attack by the HHS, the economy is threatened with socialization , our military is threatened with decimation, and any hopes of energy independence is being surrendered to the Gestapo EPA.

America is divided into two camps. Those who believe in traditional morality, and those who don’t. Those who believe in freedom, and those who don’t. Those who think America is a good country and those who don’t. Those who love America, and those who don’t. Those who respect the constitution, and those who don’t. You get the point. The sophist argument that the two parties are the same is so ridiculous that it’s hard not laugh out loud when you hear it. It might have been true 60 years ago. Back then there were still a lot of conservatives in the Democratic party, and a lot of liberals and moderates in the GOP. There was a lot of overlap. That hasn’t been the case since the late 1960′s, or early 1970′s. The radicals took over the Democratic party, and kicked out the conservatives. It’s been trench warfare ever since. You can’t look at what President Obama wants to do over the next four years, and what Mitt Romney wants to do and say the parties are the same.

Our republic dangles by a thread. Our decision this November will determine whether we take a pair of scissors and snip that thread, or whether we do something to strengthen it. That’s our choice. We won’t get a do over if President Obama is reelected, so let’s make sure that we make the right decision.

Vote Romney, vote Ryan, vote Republican.

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