Is Obama an Amateur or Just Plain Nuts!

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

The Amateur may be one of the best books about Obama. One of the problems about a subject like Obama is that we don’t have much to assimilate. And most of what we have to look at is a lie or fabricated or tainted by the liberal media.


But I was one of the first writers to claim Obama was or could be an insane individual. And as we look at this book, many doors begin to point in that direction. We could argue that he was set up by being placed in this precarious situation. But Clinton was smart enough to join in with the Republican congress rather than fight them. They cut welfare and allegedly balanced the budget. It may have caused Hillary to have migraines but alls well that ends well.


But Obama is a different kind of individual. I personally think he is a lousy campaigner and a lousy president. Without the false illusions created by the liberal media and people like Oprah, Opie, the Fonz, Andy Griffith and Michael Jordan, Obama would still be a community organizer today. Or maybe he thinks he still is.


The Amateur by Edward Klein is fascinating. Klein interviewed a bunch of folks and from those interviews this book was formulated. So Obama is labeled an introvert. He is labeled as being protected by Jarrett so his thin skinned personality is not dented by any visitors. Obama has snubbed a bunch of folks who supported him in the beginning. And of course today, these folks are not sending the big bucks he needs to win the 2012 election.


The book starts out with Billy Bob and Hillary arguing. He wants her to run against Obama in 2012. Chelsea weighs in on the idea of Hillary running. I think Hillary understands that it will be a while before a woman has a shot at being vice-president. President is way out of the question. Hillary may think she broke the glass ceiling but I think Billy Bob may be an anchor that will weigh her down indefinitely. The liberals love the Clintons except for a few Kennedys. And Obama’s biggest supporter is dead and I think Caroline and Ethel may be re-thinking their support for left wing Obama.


Obama just can’t snub the hands that feed him.  Bottom line is that the American people will never forgive what the liberals did to this economy and our healthcare. It’s going to take time before the base can forget the stupidity and the brashness of the liberal Democrats. No matter how much dirt Biden and Obama dig up on their opponents, it will never turn the tide of public opinion.


Oprah paid a dear price supporting the first Black President. In the end she gets the shaft and the snub by Lady Michelle and Princess Jarrett.


Since we have caught up with Michelle in this discussion, the book paints Michelle in a different light that the kool-aid media would never like us to see. After all she was supposed to bring back Camelot to the Whitehouse!


Lady Michelle is painted as an overbearing jealous woman. She was making $500,000 dollars a year while Obama was running for office. I thought these guys were poor. It sure pays to have connections in Chicago. The book paints Michelle as this envious person that was raised almost poor and is obsessed with keeping control over Obama. The liberal media doesn’t seem to paint the picture that way! Remember how they claimed Mrs. Reagan ran everything. I guess the liberals turn a blind eye to the Clintons and the Obamas.


So between Lady Obama and Princess Jarrett the pit-bull of the Whitehouse, Obama will never be able to see around the rose colored glasses that the ladies allow him to use. 


And the background of Jarrett leaves a little to be desired. Another 6 figure black woman who keeps telling us the Blacks don’t get their fair share. It seems that Lady Obama and Jarrett have received more than their fair share for decades.


It is going to be real tough for Obama to change direction with 2 watchdogs preventing any new ideas from ever reaching the Oval Office.  And that’s good news for the Republicans. If Obama isn’t about to change his screwed-up ways for the last 4 years, then you would have to be insane to vote for Obama. And to expect the economy to improve!


One of Obama’s real problems is that he is a bloomin liberal trying to force capitalistic America to change to his direction of communism and state capitalism. Since the majority of Americans can not follow the beat of this singing drummer, Obama has little or no support for his Keynesian, useless policies.


Another short sighting of Obama is that his idea of having large corporations fed by large unions will be prejudicial to Black America as well as other minorities. So why support his liberal agenda? What they are saying is as the unions go back to being powerful and the number of corporations is reduced to fewer large corporations, then the chances of “fair” treatment of minorities will be lessened.


The reason for that is the ratio of black to white. Since the imagined black ratio is about 13%, then only 13% of those hired by the union will be black. Under the Bush economy anyone could go out and start their own business and make tons of money. Under the Obama dreams, most people will be forced to move back to large cities and work for unfair labor unions. The more powerful and political the unions become, the more unfair the unions will become for the minorities and the economy.


Obama is very immature when it comes to running a large corporation like the United States. He is very similar to Carter. Carter had to read everything because he had a photographic memory. Now he is anti-Israel and making money doing it.  Obama seems to run his own show and does not seek many expert opinions. After all that, the wizard knows best. Obama actually writes his own position papers on all his decisions. If Obama is not insane, then he is an extremely poor businessman and lacks all abilities to run a successful business. People need to understand that a community organizer is designed to spend money and waste a great deal of time patting the community on the back at endless meetings. Any successful business person gets to the heart of the matter and takes action and gets it done. If you gave Obama another 8 years it would not make any difference. He has not helped the American economy in any sense of the word.


The Truman approach was to create the impression that you had to vote for Truman because he was the last sane man in Washington!


I think that boat has sailed for Obama and his liberals. Most sensible people think Obama and his liberal buddies are nuts and crooks. I think it is time we need sanity and an adult to whip our economy back into shape. Scratch that. We just need a sane person to keep the government out of the way while America Prospers!

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