Clint Eastwood Made My Day. How about Yours?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

Seeing Clint Eastwood performing at the RNC was a blast. It was great to see one of the celebrities not bashing President Bush, but instead he was out there bashing the State of the Union. It has always concerned me when you see rich people out there like Longoria bashing President Bush. Then they are out there praising Obama who wants to steal her money and redistribute her wealth and her family’s wealth to people and businesses that she does not even know. I guess as long as Obama keeps allowing illegal Mexicans to become non-citizens she is his biggest fan.


Clint’s performance was classic. I recall sitting in the theater in the 60’s watching the spaghetti westerns with my future wife. It was quite funny. Lee Van Cleef was in most of the movies and it took a while for my wife to figure out who was Clint Eastwood. But Clint has always been one of my favorite actors and I enjoy his presentations.


But you really need to take his speech apart. What did Clint actually say to the world audience?  First off not all celebrities are left of Lenin and conservatives by their very nature are not out there hot dogging politics to gain favor with the liberal loons.


Clint points out that it’s a tragedy that there are 23 million people out of work! The DNC seemed to think that was only a bump in the road. And give them another 4 years and just maybe they will address that issue this time, rather then Obamacare and sending our taxpayer jobs to China and just about any other Asian country you can find. Can you say Bulgaria? Do you know Verizon now has its phones answered by workers in Bulgaria?


Next up was the issue of bringing the troops home from the “Right War” as labeled by Biden and Obama. Clint said it well. If you are going to bring them home and end up short changing the mission, then why not bring them home yesterday? The death toll isn’t high enough for Obama?  20 SEALS died in one helicopter crash! Do you think it is time to bring them home until we can get a commander-in-chief rather than a community organizer? Obama can’t even protect the Ambassador of Libya on 911, are you sure he can protect you and your family?


And Clint’s best point of the night may have been do we need an attorney in the Oval Office. They are all so busy weighing things and playing with things in the oval office that they never get around to getting the right things done. It is like in all the confusion I don’t know how many bullets I fired.  Do you feel lucky punk! Maybe the lawyers are too busy looking at the bullets instead of putting one in the chamber and getting it done. FDR was a lawyer. He was a big social communist. Jimmy Carter was a farmer. LBJ was a teacher.


But you know when we look at the Obamas, Clintons, and other attorneys in political office they usually don’t sound like real attorneys. In most cases they actually never practiced law. They just used their law degree to climb the political ladder. Maybe except for Johnny Edwards: We were told he was a successful lawyer. Well one out of 100 ain’t bad. But what good is a law degree if you don’t have character?


The point Clint was bringing home is do we need a community organizer who never created a job, or do we need a successful businessman who has a track record of creating thousands of jobs?


Clint raised another good point. Why do these wackos like Obama and Gore who want to save the planet think they can fly around the world at will. Don’t they know that we now have the technology to speak to and see anyone in the world from the conveniences of the Whitehouse? Why do you have to fly half-way around the world to collect the money? Can’t they fed-ex it?  You can send cash by express mail!


Clint said Obama is a “hoax” on the American people. This community organizer has been on the national scene for 6 or more years and we still don’t know much about who is this man. It takes someone kind of “special” to write an autobiography at such an early age. There are many secrets in the closets of Obama. Will we see what’s behind door number one before the 2nd election? Or will it be like slick Willie. We didn’t know he was a sexual abuser/harasser of liberal women until after his re-election. Can America afford the same mistake? If he is a hoax, then it is time to let him go. I really don’t care where he was born. I just care about where Obama lives now and where he will live next January!


And Clint brings it home with the fact that we are the best in the world. Second place is not even close. You wouldn’t believe that to hear the liberal wackos. And this is our country. And if the President is not doing his job, we have to let him go. Like in Indiana Jones, Connery stated: Let it go Indy! It is time to let Obama go! Obama is not the Holy Grail! So in the end it becomes clear that Dirty Harry needs something real important. If you want to make his day, send all these liberal communists packing. Please remember; let’s not do what we did to President Bush. We gave him the Whitehouse but we didn’t give him any bullets to make your day. In order to save the Republic, we need to give the next president a huge majority in both houses so that they can fix the problems that Obama and the other liberals have created and swear by.


So if you want to make Clint Eastwood’s day and you want a better tomorrow, Please get out there so that we can give Romney the votes he will need to Make Our Day!


Thanks Mr. Eastwood.

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