Obama’s Failures, Foreign And Domestic

By: William P. Frasca

We as American have sadly witnessed the enhanced failures of the Obama Administration, foreign and domestic. We have been forced to recently witness and endure situations of mob rule, endorsed by societies and cultivations that interpret religionist ideologies as an acceptance for murder and destruction. Some are falsely identified as our allies, graciously accepting our taxpayer money of tribune to buy their friendship. Unfortunately the only thing it bought was treacherous acts of brutality towards us, possibly paying with our own defeat as a Nation.

The vicious unwarranted attacks on our Embassies, Citizens and Property, must not be left unpunished. The humiliating take down and burning of our American flag then being replaced it with another grotesque one that was most reprehensible must not be left unpunished. The savage despicable murders of our Brave, Heroic Patriots Ambassador Chris Stevens, former Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith, who formerly served in the Air Force, who were cruelly victimized by a hoard of malicious unconscionable misfits, must not be left unpunished.

These Muslim extremists have a history of only respecting the most powerful with unquestionable demanding authority. Regrettably, Obama has eliminated that threat, from the beginning of his Administration. He apologized, he bowed, and he degraded, while selling out America and the American people. He forced his self made submission, while genuflecting, with sympathetic rubbish to our enemies, leaving us all feebly pathetic and defenseless.

These so-called members of the human race or should we say animals have always hated everyone and anyone that didn’t conform to their religious beliefs. America was only next on their long list of opponents? Did everyone forget the Crusades, or did our education system stop educating our children on truthfully documented History? These educators, shamefully, at all cost, in their contemptible sick minds, must remain politically correct, and tolerant even to all those who have the strong desire to annihilate us from the face of the Earth. We are told to follow their example and must never offend these heathens, even if their fist priority is aimed at our total and complete devastation. Are we that stupid? Where is the outrage? Why are we as a free People and Nation accepting this demeaning garbage?

These radical barbarians are fanatical. They have no compassion. No mercy. No decency. No kindness. They have no respect for human life, not even their own. So imagine what their warped mentality is towards anyone participating in a Non-Muslim Faith or Belief.

The Obama Administration will have us believe with all their apologies, bowing and demoralizing acts of humility and failed foreign policy had nothing to do with these anti American riots of obliteration that started in the Middle East and is rapidly expanding throughout the world. They are continuing to use the same lame excuse, which all started with an anti-Muslim Trailer Movie, called “Muslim of Innocence”. This is non-sense; Obama and his Administration have made America weak in their eyes, which are creating an atmosphere of easy pickings towards America. They know he’s all talk, and no action, but they take great pleasure in witnessing his unique apologetic submissive flair as he bows before them. Wake up America, before it’s too late. It wasn’t a coincidence that all this happened on the anniversary of September 11th?

He should use some of his apologies towards the American people, and bow to them his bosses. He must apologize to them for all his administered abuses; his conceited know it all appearance of ignorance, by totally ignoring their suffering plight, issuing ultimatums and forced compliance while leaving our Country on the verge bankruptcy! Isn’t it quite ironic that Obama shows more animosity and less respect towards the American people than our enemies?

Remember British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain tried appeasing Adolph Hitler, and Nazi Germany, how did that work out?

The Obama Administration constantly spits on our Constitution. Our freedoms of speech and religion is slowly but surely being eliminated while only certain “acceptable” religions and beliefs are respected by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, The Progressives especially from His Highness Barack Hussein Obama himself.

Christians, Jews and other forms of worship are constantly being ridiculed, dictated to and undermined. The Holy Bible has been numerously disgraced in public, with no condemnation from this Administration. The Democratic Convention almost took God out of their platform, yet they refuse to accept any responsibility for their actions. They have the greatest of talent to accuse anyone or anything, throwing them under the bus, instead of looking at themselves in the mirror, and convict the real culprit. They have failed!

Obama and his Administration are clueless. American interests and American lives are considered cheap throughout the world. Americans and America are identified as an expendable joke, used as a whipping post to savagery.

Even though we are faced with a world full of anti-American sentiment we must not forget all of Obama’s inflicted domestic problems we are experiencing at home.

Obama’s self proclaimed shameful policies are virtually demoralizing America into a free fall of destruction, with the possibility of loosing our Sovereignty to foreign control. These acts of needless, unjustifiable devastation have proved one thing that another four years of Obama will be overwhelmingly brutal, with increased reprehensibility.

Will the American people once again show their strength courage and fortitude by voting Obama out of office ending this tyranny while never looking back on these last four years of mortifying foreign and domestic despair?

“Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”! Or will the American people once again display their stupidity as to cast another foolish vote to re-elect Obama accepting another four years of humiliation, apologies, ineptness, poverty, weakness, narcissism corruption, law breaking dictatorial forced mandates, together with public and private inflation and recession?

Remember Albert Einstein’s theory on Insanity, “Doing The Same Thing Over and Over Again And Expecting Different Results.

May Almighty God please help, and protect America, because the American people are showing obvious signs of their inabilities to help and protect themselves?

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