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September 22, 2012

The Winners and Losers From QE3

Filed under: Economics - 22 Sep 2012

The only doubt about the Federal Reserve’s decision to embark on a third round of quantitative easing was about when it would begin. It was a foregone conclusion that Chairman Ben Bernanke’s Fed would resort to more quantitative easing. Under …

New York, Cairo and Libya – From Nonsense to Madness

Filed under: In The News,Religion & Faith - 22 Sep 2012

PC, tolerance and diversity is rapidly approaching critical mass as seen in the headlines this week. In Libya, Cairo and throughout the Muslim nations, protests have taken lives and destroyed property, but in America’s largest city, a victory against obesity …

Trying To Make The Barn Door Fly

We engineers have a saying: “Given enough thrust, even a barn door can fly.”

Now, one does not have to have a PhD in Aerospace Engineering to understand how non-aerodynamic a barn door is. But the saying is indeed true: if …