First Amendment Under Assault

By: Craig Chamberlain

On September the 11th an Islamic horde attacked our consulate in Benghazi Libya, killing our ambassador and three others. Our State department, instead of condemning the attacks, apologized for them placing all blame for the violence on an unknown anti Islamic video on the internet. Seizing on this pretext the Jihadist violence has shaken the Islamic world with our embassies in Tunis and Cairo being attacked, and violent crowds from Yemen to Indonesia.

Make no mistake about it: the video being blamed for all of this violence had nothing to with it. These attacks had been planned months in advance for the anniversary of September the 11th, these inbred rageaholics didn’t need a video as an excuse to be violent, they just are. As repulsive as the behavior of the Muslim degenerates has been our has been craven and only weakened America all the more. (If President Obama is reelected we can only expect more of the same. Blaming America is his default setting.)

We apologize for not being sensitive enough to the Muslim hordes, regardless of the reality that we’ve the most pro Muslim administration in history and our country goes out of its way to help Muslims from Bosnia to Indonesia. We denounce the video, which was a legitimate exercise in free speech, and on the demand of Egypt’s Nazi President we have the filmmaker arrested. I didn’t realize that sharia law had officially become part of the American legal system.

Yet, apparently, the dhimminis of D.C. are willing to ignore the constitution in the hopes that displaying weakness will somehow stop the violence. Imagine if the work in question were an anti Christian film. Can anyone imagine the filmmaker would be in legal trouble? Of course not. We would be piously lectured about the need for freedom of expression in a democracy. The film would be shown coast to coast and our nations elites would be going in droves. Maybe that’s because they know Christians won’t storm embassies or kill people who mock their religious beliefs. If we did, Trey Parker and Matt Stone would be dead men.

But this is nothing new for this administration. It’s blatant contempt for our first amendment rights is breathtaking. Freedom of religion is discarded to make way for Obamacare compliance, critics of Islam have their freedom of speech and freedom of religion ripped away from them because it would offend our Muslim overlords who cannot stand to have their religion critically examined, questioned, or made fun of. Instead of bowing and scraping before this mob of illiterate pigs we should respect our own laws and constitution for a change and let the critics of our enemies speak.

Instead of apologizing to them for every perceived slight we should point out that they are the problem, not us. We created modern civilization, they want to go back to the 7th century. We build things, they blow them up. We make scientific discoveries, and they still think the sun goes around the earth. Enough apologizing. I’m not sorry for the crusades, the expulsion of the Moors, European colonialism, or any of the other straw men Islamic mutants rage against.

Islam is a degenerate ideology for violent degenerates, who mask their vicious nihilism through empty platitude of piety. It’s politically incorrect, but I have the right to say it. Maybe the boys in Washington should remember these words before they arrest filmmakers and sell America out to our enemies:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;or ABRIDGE THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, or of the press, or the right of the people to peaceable assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

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