Osama Bin Laden is Dead and General Motors is Alive: Does Biden Want to Take Credit for All of This?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

First off: Do Biden and Obama think that bragging about killing Osama does not irritate the Muslims? For over six months they have heard Biden yelling out that Obama killed Osama.

What the liberal media seems to be scaling back on is what the Muslim riots are all about. They are playing up the Allah stuff but they seem not to mention that the rioters in Egypt were chanting: “We are all Osamas.”

I am sure they are irritated by Biden and Obama bragging about killing Osama. When Osama was executed a while back many Muslims started chanting they are all Osamas!

In light of all this rioting occurring around 911 it should raise a concern. While idiots like Biden and Obama publically brag about killing Osama: What does that mean to the wacko Muslims? If a Muslim had killed Osama, that might be considered differently. But an infidel killed Osama. There must be a price paid for such actions. People are being killed and the media is discussing free speech, and the Muslims want Freedom. I think they mean freedom to hate and kill anyone that invades the sanctity of their religion. But how far does their religion go? If an infidel kills a Muslim leader like Osama, do they have the freedom to kill you?

Now Biden says Obama has a spine of steel and courage in his heart. But maybe the wizard forgot to give him a brain. Obama is killing Muslims all over the world. And yes we get a good kill from time to time but how many innocent Muslims get killed in the process. For every Muslim Obama kills, Obama probably create thousands of Muslims that want the freedom to seek revenge. So if Obama is out there pissing off almost every Muslim on a daily basis, don’t you think he might want to protect the Americans better?

The ambassador of Libya must have the same half of brain. He had no protection. Would you live in a foreign Muslim country as an American official without adequate protection? They technically had no weapons. If you were ambassador of any of these countries would you expect the Muslims to protect you? Tell that to all the dead Americans who died in Afghanistan under the Obama watch. Hillary and Obama set up such strong rules of engagement that the Americans in Libya should have just committed suicide! What’s the difference?

There are many rumors about what actually happened to the Ambassador representing the United States. Some say he was raped, sodomized and hung upside down. Others say he disappeared for 8 hours. But the NY Times set us straight. He was just suffocating himself in a smoke filled room. And when they took him to the hospital it was too late to revive him. I feel better. He wasn’t killed, he committed suicide!

It is like Osama. First we heard he was shot twice while reaching for his weapons. Now we hear he was shot when he stuck his head out the door. So which is it? Is it murder? Is it an execution? The second rendition gives the impression that the SEALS were more concerned about survival and getting intel rather than killing Osama. It appears they didn’t know the dead man was Osama until one of the women said he was. That was after he received 2 more slugs for good measure. These are the same folks that are against water boarding, but they are in favor of execution by bullets and unmanned planes. Will Obama be charged with international war crimes after he leaves office in January?

Either way we look at it, Obama, Biden and Hillary failed to protect the Americans in foreign countries. Would you really expect the Muslims to protect the infidels? They can’t protect their own people from terrorists; they were going to protect Americans!

Obama was supposed to heal the wounds. I think it appears that he has only poured salt in the Muslim wounds. If he had courage in his heart and a spine of steel he would protect our country and its citizens no matter where they are.

O’Reilly thinks that war was not the answer for Iraq. He thinks that pressure and sanctions would have worked. Like it is working in Iran? O’Reilly should realize that we still don’t know where the thousands of WMD’s in Iraq are buried! But there is still hope that they are not in the hands of Al-Qaeda.

This General Motors thing is a big question mark. Billions of Taxpayer dollars and Chinese loaned money were given to General Motors and its unions. Now some of that money is funding the Democratic campaigns in the country. But where are the profits? Most of the Volt cars were brought by the government. I hope they didn’t pay $40,000 for each car. But clearly they are not worth it. And if you take the revenue away from General Motors for the Volt, would they still be standing today. So GM received 2 bail outs. And they still have not paid us back from the first bail out! They will never pay us back for the second. So it is robbing Peter to pay Paul. No, that’s not right. They robbed the taxpayer who didn’t have the money, so they could pay the unions so they could fund the Democratic presidential campaign. Tell me again how Biden and Obama saved General Motors? It was just an easy way to fill the Democrats’ campaign treasure chests!

So in the end, we don’t know if General Motors was actually saved. They now offer new jobs that pay pretty close to the poverty level. And most of their products are made in other countries. The products are not made by American workers. Clinton signed NAFTA so that the standard of living in Mexico would approach the standard of living in America. What you got from Clinton is that the standard of living in America is approaching that of Mexico. Is that what they mean by moving FORWARD! That Clinton was a great president. Didn’t the terrorist movement expand under the Clinton do noting foreign policies? They seem to forget that Clinton refused to take Osama in custody. Too busy playing with his cigars no doubt!

Now we have Biden and Obama irritating the Muslims who take it out on our innocent Americans! Let’s stop the lies. Vote them out in November. Please!

About The Author Dr. Phil Taverna:
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