Democrats Favorite Tax Rate is More, More, More

By: Joe Boyd

When you are in the business of government you always want more taxes.

The Democrats are always talking about paying your “fair share”. Paying your fair share to whom? What exactly are you paying for? Why is our media in bed with the government?

It seems the Democrats and Obama are making several erroneous assumptions:

1. People making good money are making too much.

2. The people in government deserve your money more than you do.

3. Giving money to government is a good thing.

4. Government services are beneficial and not harmful.

The people making these claims do not have a private business. Exactly what products or services are these people providing that  people are lining to pay for? In the private sector you must provide something other people want to be successful or you will have no sales. We have all been to successful businesses where people are lined up to wait for their excellent product or service.

For people in government their full-time job is the business of government. They frame the discussion as one that those who are successful financially need their money taken away from them in the interest of fairness. Who has decided what is fair and what is not fair? Not me or you. And how would sending money to government make things more fair? It won’t.

Taxes Pay for More Government Not American Dreams

Funds sent to government goes to build the government infrastructure of buildings and employees. It does not go to some secured pot of money and then given to the poor.

Democrats build their constituency through creating government bureaucracies with lots of government employees and by paying money to various recipients of government checks. When they receive more revenue they increase the benefits of government employees (who are paid about twice what real workers make, not including pensions and benefits) and get others hooked on government checks.

Democrats and Obama propose that paying more money to the government gives everyone an equal chance for the American Dream. This makes no sense. What it does is make the American Dream easier for government employees who are getting rich by working for the government. There is no public service or public benefit. What we have now are people going into government to get rich. When you have people going into business to get rich it helps everyone because they must serve their fellow citizens to make money and grow their business. For government workers and politicians all they need to do is increase taxes or even issue bonds to get more money for themselves.

The Democrat’s American Dream

What does the American Dream look like for you? Is it a country where we have the freedom to purse our passions? To travel freely? To have a Horatio Alger story of rags to riches? To make money or to have it taken by government?

You will never hear a Democrat say that they want people to be rich – because they want people to stay poor and dependent. If you reach a certain level of financial security you will no longer want or need the government. You will be self-sufficient and you basically put them out of a job. The business of government will no longer be needed and they will be out of business. We would have a shrinking government with shrinking revenue and then the people in the business of government will have to get real, productive jobs serving their fellow citizens instead of taking from them.

What does a Democrat American Dream look like? Democrats want an ever growing government. They want as many unionized employees as possible to reap the benefits of union dues paid to them. They want an army of government employees dependent on government for their paychecks and wanting higher pay ad benefits through more taxes (or should I say through more “fairness“). They want government doing more and more for the people even if it‘s better done by private entities (see Obamacare).

If you want to make sure the American Dream is alive and accessible for everyone you would cut government, lower taxes and let people keep their earnings instead of redistributing it to government employees and their customers.

I am not sure what we are paying for with our tax dollars. Are we getting any services? Why should some far away capital take trillions of dollars from its citizens? How does this help anyone outside of the capital?

Paying money to government is always a bad idea. Everything done by government can be done cheaper and better in the private sector where the incentive is to please your customer instead of just taking more from your customer. In the private sector a dissatisfied customer can stop patronizing a business it does not like. A customer of government has no recourse and is trapped with the results of whatever government does (see government schools). Government is a bully, a monopoly, corrupt and a force for evil. It has always been such in history and is not suddenly now a force for good. For thousands of years various government structures have abused their citizens. That is why we have the American value of limited government in our Constitution.

Why do so many in the media assume the government is a force for good and needs to be supported? Is it ignorance or naivety? Is it secularism replacing God with government? Is it because they are trying to get rich and powerful by being close to government? Is it because government is replacing church, family and community?

Bureaucrats and politicians are in the business of government. By wanting others to pay more in taxes you enhance the American Dream of wealth for government workers and destroy it for everyone lese.

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