Mitt Romney And The 47%

By: John Hampton

The hearts of Liberal America are once again aflutter as they have new reason to believe that Mitt Romney has destroyed his chances of being elected President of the United States. With all that has and is happening in the world today, the left must avail itself of every possible distraction, in order to have any hope that America will reelect Barack Obama.

While speaking at a fund-raiser earlier this year, Mitt Romney remarked that 47% of Americans would vote for the president no matter what. Click here to see his comments in full.

Now let’s look at some of the real unvarnished issues that Americans are facing under the Obama Administration.


Since being in office, President Obama has added $5Trillion to our debt. In total, our Country is now a staggering $16Trillion in debt. How can the United States and her citizens ever escape this crushing burden? A good start would be to bring spending and entitlements under control. Yet if Mr. Obama is reelected, his policies will demand even more spending, more debt and of course, more taxes. At some point, the 1% will either be broke or living in another country to protect what wealth they have left. The middle class will then become the 1%, as they will be the only source of tax revenue remaining in America.

On September 13, the Federal Reserve announced another round of Quantitative Easing. In theory, this action is supposed to keep lending rates low and inspire consumers and business owners to invest. After learning of this, the ratings agency Egan-Jones downgraded its rating of U.S. credit to AA- from AA.

The Egan-Jones article posits that issuing additional currency and depressing interest rates will reduce the value of the dollar and increase commodity prices. This in turn will have a negative impact on business profitability and ultimately result in increased consumer costs.


As job creation continues to languish and unemployment remains above 8%, one would think this issue would be of some significance to President Obama. But the president has not met with his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness since Jan 17. No meeting with his jobs council in more than eight months? The Obama Administration has attacked Mitt Romney many times by claiming that he shipped jobs overseas while a part of Bain Capital. However, Jeffrey Immelt (current CEO of GE and chairman of the president’s jobs council) has shipped tens of thousands of jobs overseas while with GE, and plans to invest billions of dollars across China in the coming years.

Nearly 25 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. Nearly 50 million Americans are on food stamps. And approximately 1 in 6 Americans are living below the poverty line. Do these numbers not require regular attendance at, and mandatory results from, a council on jobs and competitiveness? FYI – the president has attended more than 100 fund-raisers since last meeting with his jobs council!

Foreign Policy

U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed at the American consulate in Libya on 9-11-12, and the diplomatic compound suffered heavy damage. Prior to this event, the American Embassy in Cairo was overrun and our flag was ripped down and burned by local demonstrators. The Obama Administration has tried its best to convince Americans that this violence was in no conceivable way a reaction to U.S. policy. This conclusion was reached while the investigation was ongoing. Instead, they claim it results from an anti-Muslim film from this past summer. When was the last time insulted/angry radical Islamists exercised a “cooling off” period prior to venting their rage against the U.S.? At present, American lives and property continue to be threatened.

What is President Obama doing about all of this? While machinations may be on the drawing board, we do know that Mr. Obama has made it clear to the American people that he has no intention of leaving the campaign trail. The day after Americans were killed in Libya, Mr. Obama attended a fund-raiser in Las Vegas. He made mention of the murders to the audience by saying that we had had a “tough day”. Later that same week the president attended another fund-raiser in Colorado. And earlier this week the president was scheduled to attend yet another fund-raiser with musicians Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Other headlines across the Middle East include: 9-18-12 Iran deploys Russian-made sub in Gulf as U.S., allies hold naval exercises nearby, 9-18-12 Top Chinese general in unusual move tells troops to ready for combat with Japan, 9-19-12 Officials: Iranian Quds Force poses threat to U.S. homeland.

Instead of taking responsibility for his actions over the last four years, the President and the Democrat party prefer to camouflage these and other issues with unsubstantiated claims such as; Mitt Romney did not pay his taxes, Republicans are the party of “No”, Republicans are at “war” with women and seniors, Herman Cain was guilty of sexual harassment, Warren Buffett pays less in taxes than his secretary, Tea Party members spat on and used racial epithets against black members of Congress as they prepared to vote on Obamacare.

Anyone paying attention knows we are in serious trouble. American politics in general are rife with corruption, greed and scandal. The devaluation of our currency and the refusal of those in power to address our horrendous economic policy have caused another ratings downgrade. Job creation and growth are stagnant. The Middle East and Northern Africa are in a state of chaos. And the list goes on and on. An assessment of the current administration would have to include the phrase – completely devoid of leadership. We are but one step from a National Emergency, yet the President refuses to take responsibility for any of the problems we now face.

Fund-raisers, talk show appearances and photo ops with celebrities do nothing to solve the grave problems facing our Nation today. Obviously President Obama is not the first incumbent president to behave in this manner. But his willingness to maintain a schedule replete with such activity during these extraordinary times says a lot about the man. We have reached a point in history where the needs of our great Country far outweigh the needs of any one individual, group or political party.

Click here to listen to audio of Barack Obama in October 1998. He is speaking to a group at Loyola University. You will hear him explain why he believes in income redistribution. These comments are far more troubling than those of Mitt Romney. But how likely is it that the media will report them?

About The Author John Hampton:
John Hampton lives in Tehachapi CA and is quite concerned about the policies and motives of the current Administration. He believes in a system that holds our freedoms sacred, promotes personal responsibility, prudence and high moral standards.

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