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September 14, 2012

Obama and the Liberals Meet – The 40 year Factor

The best Biblical teachers in the world have been forecasting big trouble for America over the last 40 years. While largely ignored the “great pay-day someday,” a phrase coined by the late Rev R. G. Lee (1886 – 1974) has …

September 13, 2012

Views on the News – 9/8/2012

Filed under: Politics In General - 13 Sep 2012

Barack Obama will be a one-term President, and in the end it will not even be close. Obama and the Democrats are launching the final stretch of the 2012 campaign and will be trying to sell a fanciful story of …

2012 Democratic Platform pushes taxpayer-funded abortion

According to the Democratic Party’s 2012 Platform, Democrats are now self-avowed promoters of the radical pro-abortion movement that has officially endorsed taxpayer-funded abortion, pro-life organizations noted on Wednesday.

The godless Democrats

Filed under: Religion & Faith,The Democrats - 13 Sep 2012

But whoever disowns me before others, I will disown before my Father in heaven. (Matthew 10:33)

Are you a believer? I’m not asking if you’re a Democrat, a Republican or an independent. I’m asking if you believe in God. The God …

September 12, 2012

Is There Any Hope of Change?

Filed under: Politics In General - 12 Sep 2012

The two major political parties have a lock on power in the United States. The election laws, the media and family voting patterns all collude to make the election of a third party candidate to the Presidency a near …

Best Advice for DNC Conventioneers – Watch Out For Cloud to Ground Lightning

Filed under: In The News,Myths & Lies,The Democrats - 12 Sep 2012

Ministers and preachers will have tons of good material for a long time after watching the entire DNC Convention in Charlotte, even without the now infamous “God vote.” Before those comments and evaluations start coming like a flood, a look …

September 11, 2012

God, Democrats, and the Europeanization of America

The battle at the Democratic convention to exclude God from the party’s platform is no minor moment. Do not underestimate what transpired there.

And while it speaks to so many things, at many levels, it reminds me of the recent …

Social Security: Issuing Checks & Hollow–Points

Filed under: Crime and Punishment,Current Events,In The News - 11 Sep 2012

Some of the more excitable members of the conservative Internet commentariat sounded battle stations when they learned the Social Security Administration (SSA) wanted to buy 174,000 hollow–point bullets.

Had granny decided she was not going passively the next time Paul Ryan …

Is Obama an Amateur or Just Plain Nuts!

Filed under: Politics In General - 11 Sep 2012

The Amateur may be one of the best books about Obama. One of the problems about a subject like Obama is that we don’t have much to assimilate. And most of what we have to look at is a lie …

September 10, 2012

The Silence of Bill and Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton was basking in glory at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night. Few presidents so love the spotlight. The occasion for Clinton, however, was not himself, but the reelection of Barack Obama.

Labor unions in full force at Democratic National Convention

As the Democratic Party conducts its official business at the convention in North Carolina, union officials and delegates from labor organizations in both the private and public sectors descended on the city of Charlotte in large numbers that included stalwarts …

United States vs. Gallup

Filed under: In The News - 10 Sep 2012

On August 22nd, the Justice Department sued the Gallup polling company. Actually, it joined a lawsuit filed by Michael Lindley. Lindley filed suit right after he was fired from Gallup.
[Reportedly, Lindley was a field organizer in …

September 9, 2012

Weapons smuggling from Sinai into Gaza unopposed by Egypt

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy,War On Terror - 09 Sep 2012

Weapons are smuggled into Gaza with relative ease by arms merchants who live in the Sinai Peninsula, an Israeli police source said last week.

While Sinai had been relatively quiet during the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, his downfall last …

Democrats Don’t Deserve to Govern

Filed under: Politically Incorrect Reality,The Democrats - 09 Sep 2012

It’s a possibility, though not a guarantee, that President Obama will win reelection. That’s not something that a conservative would want to contemplate. If this nightmare scenario occurs conservatives and patriots need to ask themselves, what’s next? It has been …

The Lesson of Black Conservatives

Filed under: American Society & Heritage - 09 Sep 2012

The travails of black conservatives are not new to most observers. While Condoleezza Rice garnered raves, even from the likes of MSNBC, for her rousing GOP Convention speech, she has been the subject of racially …

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