Manipulations or Mistruths?

By: William P. Frasca

September 11, 2012, a day that not marked the anniversary of one of America’s horrific tragic events, where Muslim extremist and terrorists senselessly and unconscionably killed mass innocence, destroying both Towers of the World Trade Center, and massive damage and murder to the Pentagon.

We must never forget all those first responders, public and private that saved lives, by courageous risking their own lives to save others. We must never forget all those who became ill coming to their rescue. We must never turn our backs on them. We must never forget all those American heroes on Pennsylvania Flight 93, who unselfishly thwarted America’s enemies that saved our Nation’s Capital. These are our Patriots, our domestic home grown defenders of our Nation.

We must never forget what happened on that day. We must never forget who our enemies actual are, and who did this. We must never make excuses for their inhumane actions, by illegitimately and falsely accusing ourselves responsible for these abominations in cruelty. We must never show any weakness as displayed by our President Baracck Hussein Obama, by bowing down, apologizing to all those who terrorize, with the strong desire of destroying our Nation.

The resent attacks on our Embassies have brought up questionable motives within our Government concerning these events. Are we the people of the United States of American being lied to by this Administration or are we just being manipulated to believe that our freedoms of speech caused this animalistic reaction throughout the Muslim world. This ridiculous assumption is only smoke in mirrors hiding the true facts identifying the Obama Administration has failed miserably in foreign policy.

Let’s look at a few events that allegedly might have happen concerning the attacks and murder on the United States Embassy in Libya. We must state the word allegedly, because different information is constantly changing and the truth is remarkably being faded into mistruths. This is with the help of the so-called American free press that will do everything in their power to see Obama is re-elected. They’re a disgrace, shamefully hiding behind Obama’s ineptitudes and incompetence, glorifying his every move. They are unquestionably the definition of controlled puppetry, with no honor no substance, no pride that provides a humiliating disservice to their gullible audience.

There are a number of uncertain unclear issues centering on these dreadful sickening actions which occurred at the Libyan embassy’s attack and murder, by Muslim extremists. The Administration has been constantly changing their rhetoric as different evidences were known, backing themselves in a virtual corner of mistrust, lies and innuendoes.

First the President of Libya Mohammed Magarief stated that the anti Islamic movie trailer had nothing to do with this so-called random act of violence, as stated by the Obama Administration and his surrogates. He said this was definitely well planned stating that “They chose this date, 11th of September to carry a certain message”.

Did this actually happen with the help of the Libyan security guards, stationed at the Embassy, who were suppose to be defending it, the Ambassador and all its occupants? Was it an inside job?

Did the Ambassador inform the Obama Administration and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton that his life and the lives of others at the Embassy was constantly being compromised and threatened, as it was later discovered in his diary allegedly obtained by CNN? Why was a news outlet able to acquire the personal property of the Ambassador providing essential evidence instead of our Government personnel?

Why weren’t enhanced security measures enforced?

Did the attack on the Embassy happen before the actual riots, adding additional proof they were planned and not a spontaneous reaction or action to a so-called anti Islamic film?

Were there documented intelligence briefings initiated several weeks before the assault stating that there is a problem developing, pre-warning all involved? Did our President Barack Hussein Obama actually miss most of these briefings?

Was the Ambassador tortured, sodomized, killed and dragged through the streets by these animals, displaying their conquest as a despicable trophy or did he die at the hospital from smoke inhalation as initially stated by the press?

Are we, The United States of America still using our taxpayer money to aid the Muslim Brotherhood in unanimously taking dictatorial control of the Middle East, including all additional densely populated Islamic Countries throughout the world?

Did our tax dollars actually paid for and assisted this planned attacks on our Embassies? Were we actually unknowingly bestowing aid and comfort to our enemies pertaining to this barbaric behavior, because of our Governments inept submissive, subservient foreign aid policy?

Is our Government trying to white wash these events as they did with Eric Holder’s debacle of “Fast and Furious”? Has his policies made America weak in the eyes of the world? Can we actually put up with another (4) four years of Obama’s ineptitudes and his entourage of mindless walking zombies of uselessness and ineffectiveness.

These are just a few questions that must be answered, there are many more. The age of Obama transparent government made as a promise by him in the 2008 presidential election has proven to be false and without substance.

How many other empty words and promises will come out of his mouth to keep the crown upon his head? The American people have short memories. This should show proof that he will say and do anything and everything to get re-elected. Nothing is sacred, all will be offered as sacrificial lambs at the altar of his Presidency.

Again you must ask why does the liberal media protect and defend this Administration. They are given great power and protected in our Constitution with these words, “Freedom of the Press”. Great power comes with great responsibility, but presently they have failed to meet these standards.

If statements words and documentations can be aggressively altered, to sway reactions and facts to twist and manipulate thinking, then what is truth?

If these chain of events no matter how grotesque can be completely redirected towards creating fictitious accounts and bogus accusation establishing a fairly tale ending. Then you can truly make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

They will have us believe Obama is winning by a landslide. Obama is ahead by ten points in all the swing States. Don’t let them frighten you out of voting! They are attempting to once again sway and control our emotions, brining a defeatist attitude. They are outstanding in distorting the facts following the lead of their master Barack Hussein Obama.

Pay no attention to these sellouts of American ideologies, liberties and freedom. Think for yourself, and investigate by using your own free will. If you follow then you will be ruled, placed under the thumb of tyranny. They play us for fools and sometimes we display foolery, but there’s time to rectify our mistakes in judgment.

Vote this November 2012, and remember, never forget all the plagues, humiliations and hardships this President and his Administration has bestowed upon God, America, The Flag the Constitution, the American People, denying us of our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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