The Case for Romney

By: Craig Chamberlain

Romney made a great case for himself at Wednesday’s debate. President Obama looked lost, like he wanted to ask the mediator if he could go and get his teleprompter. President Obama has spent months drawing a Romney caricature, if all you ever heard about Romney came from the Obama campaign you would have expected Romney to be wearing a top hat and a monocle. Too bad for the President that the caricature didn’t show up for the debate, Mitt Romney did, and despite the propaganda he’s not about to throw old people out on the street and let them die just so he can give their social security money to his millionaire buddies. Romney dismantled that straw man, and maybe for good.

It can’t be overstated how important this election is. I understand why people are reluctant to believe that, it’s because were told every four years that we’re facing the most important election in American history. Most elections don’t have the power to change America, would America really have been that much different if Dewey really had defeated Truman? What if Alton Parker had defeated Teddy Roosevelt? This election is different. In little more than a month we will be deciding what kind of a country we want. Do we agree with President Obama that America should be a social democracy with nationalized health care, a foreign policy that favors anti American regimes, a gutted military, high taxes, high inflation, unemployment where 8 or 9% is the norm, our first amendment rights eroded, all topped off with a debt so crippling that America might never get out from underneath it.

When you put it to the American people like that few say that they want such a country, so it is boggling as to why this race is so close. Obama has never denied what he wants to do. Give him points for honesty if nothing else. He promised to make our energy prices skyrocket, and he has. If he gets reelected we’ll look back on 4 dollar gasoline with fond memories. He’s promised to end coal mining in this country. Once he’s done that he’ll go after those drilling for oil and natural gas. We know what a second Obama term will look like so it is disturbing that this race is a dead heat, and believe me it will stay that way. If President Obama is reelected he’ll be reelected by a slim margin. If Romney is able to defeat the President he’ll win by a small margin. No one is going to be taking the oath of office in 2013 with a large popular mandate behind them.

By contrast Romney wants to repeal Obmacare. That alone should be enough for a conservative to cast his ballot. He will stop that disastrous cuts to our military. If these cuts go through our military capabilities will be reduced to the point that the United States will not be able to defend itself and its allies. Which is exactly what the President and the Democrats want. Conservatives should be making more of an issue of this, but we’re oddly silent. Normally conservatives would be shouting from the rooftops that the Democrats are gutting our military to a shadow of its power. The army would have less than 400,000 men and women, the navy would be reduced to 230 ships, which is not even close to what the U.S. navy needs to defend the country and keep the oceans free and open.

Romney will cut spending. Try saying Obama is fiscally responsible without laughing out loud. Under his leadership we’ve spent hundreds of billions on a boondoggle stimulus package. We’ve increased the money supply so much that serious inflation is just around the corner. He’s put about a third of the American people on welfare, and ended the work requirements that were the bedrock of welfare reform. The Romney Ryan plan is a serious start to putting things back in order. We could-and should- go further. We should eliminate entire departments of the federal government and save ourselves a couple of trillion dollars.

Romney will restore sanity to America’s foreign policy. How could he do any worse than the current administration? The President has alienated every ally, emboldened every enemy and set the Middle East on fire. When President Obama came to office the Iranians were ripe for a Democratic revolution, and the President chose to back the Mullahs. Egypt was governed, however imperfectly, by an American ally who helped keep the peace. President Obama sided with the Muslim Brotherhood, going so far as to having his men call them a moderate, secular organization. Now the largest Arab nation is governed by a horde of anti American fanatics bent on war. When President Obama took over Iraq was stable, safe, and under American influence. Not anymore. Sectarian violence is on the rise, Al-Qaeda in Iraq is regrouping, and increasingly the Iraqi government is coming under the influence of Iran. It’s either incompetence, or by his design. Either way he doesn’t deserve to be reelected.

We have a clear cut choice in November, and the responsibility to make the right one. Let’s vote for limited constitutional government. Let’s vote for a free America. Let’s vote for a strong and prosperous America. Let’s get Romney elected. There is no more time for sitting on the fence.

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