Promises, Promises… But Can They Deliver ?

By: Patti Bankson
Many people don’t realize most political talk is about “tickling” our ears – saying what the candidate knows people want to hear. Consequently, this painful truth must be understood, it is just NOT POSSIBLE for a presidential candidate  to deliver all things promised in a campaign.
A presidential candidate may have the best of intentions, but once elected, all a president can do is “present his case” to congress and hope they’ll “go along with him”. This rarely happens. One of the reasons is that a lot of people will vote in a president from one party and a congress from the other. I guess they believe they’re putting a kind of checks-and-balance system into place. In reality, what is usually put into place, is gridlock.
Food for thought: The difference between the Democrat and Republican parties lies in their “parenting styles”. Republicans are generally seen as the party of “less is more” – less government and taxes. Simply put, Republicans want the government (parent) to create an atmosphere favorable to business, then to get out of the way so they can grow their companies, and not be dependent on “Daddy”.
The Democrats, on the other hand, believe government is supposed to be “Daddy”… making sure the “kids” are taken care of, even after they should be out on their own. A couple of problems with that “philosophy”:  A parent’s job is to take a child from newborn, utter dependence, on to mature, self-sufficient adulthood. In other words, helping children (citizens) get to the place where they look to themselves FIRST, not to the parents (government) first, for the solution to their problems. If parents do their job well, at some point, their job will be finished. However, many entitlements seem to keep people dependent on “daddy” far too long. The other problem with the entitlement philosophy is that, contrary to popular belief, there is NO FREE LUNCH! (Or much of anything else, for that matter.) There may be someone getting something free from the government, but only because someone else is paying for it. In other words, short of printing new money daily (QE3?) there’s only so much money available to do everything that’s necessary and/or promised. Translation: more promises = more taxes.
Unfortunately, voters’ demands have created an unhealthy competition, so that whatever party you’re a member of, if you ever want to win an election, you have to try to meet those demands. Not only is that a thankless task, it’s an almost impossible task as well. Like children, the more demanding voters are, and the more their demands are indulged, the more demanding they get, and the harder they are to satisfy.
I’m writing this the day before the first presidential debate. I know… you’re excited!?  You might prefer “Dancing With The Stars” to what you consider dry, boring political rhetoric, but this is the time for us to educate ourselves, know what issues matter, then vote wisely. If you don’t like the direction in which our country is headed, participate. Choosing mindless, mind-numbing  entertainment over civics, will leave others making your life-decisions… like politicians would looove to do.
“Experience hath shewn that even under the best forms of government, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”  Thomas Jefferson
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