Is Redistribution all its Cracked up to be. How Fair is it Going to Be for You?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

I like the idea of redistribution. If Obama was going to take a Billion dollars from Bill Gates and give it to me and my family, what would be wrong with that? Just think what I could do with a billion dollars. I could pay off all my bills. I could take a vacation just about everyday. I would have to rest up from time to time. I could donate to my favorite charity. Probably would have to sell my dental practice. I couldn’t possibly find the time to practice dentistry when I would be over worked managing my money. My money? No it would be Gate’s money.

I would think that most of us would not feel real good about stealing Gate’s money. And I would be so guilt ridden like a lottery ticket winner that I would probably end up drinking myself to death.

But Obama’s redistribution is like an insurance payment. You really don’t know where the money is coming from and after a while, the system sucker actually thinks she deserves it.

Now redistribution is socialism. And as long as the economy is flourishing with capitalism and most folks are prospering, the average system giver doesn’t mind giving money to the system sucker. And that classic expression goes like this: “If my taxes are going for a good cause, I don’t mind paying them”. Well maybe if you are Barbara Streisand or Caroline Kennedy. But if the system suckers aren’t grateful do you really think it’s a good cause. We have been giving Billions to countries like Pakistan, Egypt and others. Do you really think they appreciate it?

But here’s the real rub with redistribution: Who decides who gets what? And How much do they get?
People Bitch about capitalism not being fair. Obama would say that capitalists do not pay their fair share and they do not play by the same rules.

So Skippy wants the rules to be the same. He wants the rules to be equal. Even though Governor Romney pays about $4 million to charities including the government, Obama does not think that is enough?

Now the fallacy here is that if Romney could not pay taxes by way of capital gains, and had to pay taxes as income only, he would probably pay the same or less. He would just take and find more deductions. Capital gains just makes it easier to deal with.

So what is Obama saying? To make it fair is he going to eliminate capital gains tax? Is he going to eliminate all mortgage interest deductions? Folks that pay rent don’t get the benefit of that deduction. So let’s take it away from everyone. This is the way commies like Obama think. So if we take away all deductions and exemptions and make folks just pay a graduated progressive tax, is that fair? Are we playing by the same rules? Obama would have had to pay millions in taxes and he would not have been able to take the charitable deductions. Romney would have had to pay $8 million in taxes. The Kennedys and the Clintons would have had to pay a fortune in taxes.
So let’s agree with Obama that this would be the way to pay down the debt. Let’s just do this for a few years and pay down the debt and then we will change it back. Would anyone in the room be dumb enough to believe this idiot?

In five years they would not have paid down the debt, they would have just spent all the money and then some and come back looking for more.

So the Commie redistribution people have a big problem. Is there really a fair way to redistribute someone else’s wealth? How much of the Spielberg’s money do you take to redistribute? And who makes that decision? And who gets Spielberg’s money. And who gets to determine who gets it?

Most of the liberals buy into this garbage. Just the other day Ben Affleck was talking about all the work that he does in Africa making chocolate. Shouldn’t these idiots be helping the poor people in this country? I am sure there are a few poor kids in Detroit looking for help from guys like Affleck and Cosby. Maybe we should clean up our own back yard before we search for other backyards.

So which world do you want to live in: The capitalistic world or the redistribution world?
In a capitalistic world, we think of an abundant world that will supply many opportunities for people to prosper. That is if the government and the wacko liberals stay out of the way. And generally the harder you work, or the smarter you work the more prosperous you can become and the more of your prosperity that you can keep. This does not mean that a safety net does not exist; it just means that most people do have a God given opportunity to prosper.

The redistribution world hasn’t worked any where yet, but Obama does have his dreams. But do you really think that redistribution will always be fair? Do you really think that they will play by the same rules? They haven’t yet, why should they now, Do you think everyone gets the same fair share of distribution? Look at the senators and congress women, they have the best pension plans in the world. They have the best healthcare in the world. That’s what redistribution is all about. The difference is that they think they deserve it. Don’t we think we all deserve it!

So the real problem is that there is not enough money to give everyone what the congresswomen get for nothing. Again do you really trust the people to hold the money bags of redistribution to give out all the goodies fairly and by the same rules?

If you really think that Obama will redistribute your wealth fairly and by the same rules then please vote for Obama. If he treated everyone the same he would not be giving Obamacare vouchers to some companies and not all. He would not have closed the Republican auto dealerships; he would have closed all the dealerships. Obama can’t play by the same rules and he has not been fair to the American people and he never will be fair.

America has flourished for hundreds of years. It was not until Carter came along with his wacko liberal ideas that caused the deficit to skyrocket and socialism or redistribution began to take away a good chunk of the American capitalistic society.

The redistributionists taught us that you don’t have to work to prosper. You can get welfare for life. Well it didn’t work too well for the Greeks and the Spanish. Obama thinks it will work well in America. Do you really want to give Obama another 4 years to prove he is wrong? Give Obama: Four more years to experiment with his liberal failed policies. He did inherit a mess, but it was caused by failed liberal policies of redistribution not by capitalism! Let’s face it, Obama didn’t know what he was doing 4 years ago, and he can never be responsible enough to turn the economy around in a prosperous capitalistic fashion that will supply prosperity to most Americans who want to reach out for prosperity and not a meager hand out from the liberals. Obama’s friends seem to get rich, but you won’t! Do you think it is time for a change?

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