The Willful Misreading of Obama

By: Brooks A. Mick

In her blog (10/16/2012) on the Wall Street Journal website, Peggy Noonan made statements that are, to me, quite incomprehensible.

“The president didn’t understand his moment. He didn’t understand the depth and duration of the economic crisis.”

I would submit that it is blindingly clear that her understanding of Obama’s personality and goals is startlingly incongruent with reality.

1) He knew it was his moment, and did not let a crisis go to waste, and rammed through Obamacare because that was his goal. He cared not about the country’s economy.

2) Obama understood the economic crisis very well–and spent the country deliberately into even greater risk of bankruptcy and collapse.

3) A clear-eyed look at his statements (“My policies would inevitably cause the price of energy to skyrocket,” “Spread the wealth around,” etc.) could only lead one to the conclusion that what he’s done is deliberate, not because of mistakes or a msreading of his historical moment.

4) Befriending and apologizing to our enemies while turning a cold shoulder to our allies such as Great Britain and Israel can mean only that Obama desires to embolden the enemies and discourage the friends.  He wants to weaken the USA in the eyes of the world.

5) The new revelation by one of his former advisors, that he simply “does not like people,” should also have been obvious to any empathic person. He’s always come across as cold and calculating.

The total unwillingness of the media, even those who are anti-Obama, to understand what his statements and behaviors blatantly reveal, reminds me much of what one of the sci-fi giants of the past wrote about, something he termed “the precious insight.”

“Very seldom, only in rare moments of clarity, only after ages of misapprehension, did a few of them, here and there, now and again, begin to have the deeper insight into the world’s nature and man’s. And no sooner had this precious insight begun to propagate itself, than it would be blotted out by some small or great disaster, by epidemic disease, by the spontaneous disruption of society, by an access of racial imbecility, by a prolonged bombardment of meteorites, or by the mere cowardice and vertigo that dared not look down the precipice of fact.” (Emphasis mine)  –Olaf Stapledon

Time for the journalists, the pundits, the voters–everybody– to stand on that precipice of fact and stare down its face.  Just one single comment of Obama’s should have been enough to expose his real goal: Can any economist, any politician, any pundit, any journalist, or Peggy Noonan explain how causing the price of energy to skyrocket is consistent with wanting a booming economy, full employment, a growing middle class, less poverty, less dependence upon government? Contemplating that one statement about DELIBERATELY CAUSING THE PRICE OF ENERGY TO SKYROCKET should have disqualified Obama from ever being elected to office in America.

“There is usually only a limited amount of damage that can be done by dull or stupid people. For creating a truly monumental disaster, you need people with high IQs.”  - Thomas Sowell

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