You Can’t Be a Christian and a Democrat

By: Joe Boyd

Democrats have Government, not God, at the center of their lives.

Democrats are in the business of government. Government comes before all other things including family, faith and country. Winning elections and having more power and money take priority over everything else. Rejecting God for more power and money is not a Christian act. Welcome to the party of radical Obama.

Democrat values are not American values. Democrats believe in gay marriage, abortion, debt, taxes, and a central dictatorship. Is this what you value? American values can be summed up in one word: freedom. That means freedom from government, the freedom to earn and keep your property, the freedom to say “God” and worship in public, the freedom to be born and the freedom to speak and live freely. “In God We Trust” is on our currency because we are a Christian nation, not a Godless government-centered nation. For Democrats, in government power and money they trust.

In case you haven’t heard, Democrats have removed God from their convention platform. When they tried to add God back to the platform it was soundly rejected by the delegates. Godless but for their new God (government).

Virtually all Democrat constituencies are in government, receiving government funds or benefiting from government regulations. Public employees, politicians, Planned Parenthood, trial lawyers, the media, education and healthcare workers. Growth in government benefits government employees.

Democrat values have made it impossible for any Christian to be a Democrat or to vote for a Democrat. Let’s look at a few examples Christian and Democrat values.

Hard Work versus Sloth
Christians believe that you have to earn what you reap. Democrats believe you get free things from government and someone else should pay for it.

Creation versus Evolution
Did God create us in His image or are just a clump of cells? Did we evolve from the mud or are we beautiful creations of intelligent design?

Life versus Abortion
The abortion business such as Planned Parenthood gets millions of dollars from government. Do you want your tax dollars going to pay for abortions? A child is a gift from God not a burden to be destroyed.

Prosper versus Poverty
Christians are here to use their God-given talents, prosper and grow in these abilities. There is glory in God to use your skills to make your own life and the lives of others a better one. Democrats believe in permanent welfare, in keeping people hooked on government money to control their votes.

Populate versus Population Control
Christians are here to go forth and populate the world. A child is a gift from God. Democrats want to control the population to prevent global warming. They place the earth above people in their hierarchy. Christians put God first, then man, then others. Democrats put government first.

Free Will versus Regulation
God gave us free will to do what we want on this earth. Everyone has daily choices to make, to do the right thing, to struggle with their character choices. Democrats want to control every aspect of your life–how much you make and keep, your healthcare choices, your public expression of religion. Every time a tax or a law is passed you lose freedom to exercise free will.

Charity versus Government
Giving money to government is not the same as charity. Government money is not given freely and only charity comes from the heart. We all know big government crowds out charities and high taxes causes less giving.

Faith versus Government
Do you have faith in God our Creator or do you have faith in the people in Washington, D.C.? Who do you want to be ruled by–God or man? Do our rights to freedom and free will come from God or are they to be determined by government bureaucrats, fiat, or international law not even created by our own government?

Joyful versus Misery
Democrats can find injustice everywhere. Does God wants us to be happy or agitated? Christians can find joy in everything they do whether work, play or family time. Democrats can find a need for a new lawsuit, law, regulation or tax in all aspects of daily life. Misery exists where government is too big. Joyfulness exists in freedom and His way of life.

Children versus Adults
In a Democrat world only adults that vote and can make political donations have rights. Children have no rights. Abortion kills them. Gay marriage violates the right to a father and mother. Sex and violence in the media violate their rights. Public schools exist to serve the politicians and unions.

Monogamy versus Promiscuity
As Christians we believe in a committed and stable marriage. While promiscuity is promoted and even celebrated by Democrats we all know that this leads to disease, and destruction of the family and soul.

Family versus Gay Marriage
The family consists of a man, a woman and their children. This has been redefined by Democrats to be anything anyone wants. This is harmful not only to children in these arrangements but further destroys the foundation of society and places government at the center of our lives instead of family and God.

Being a Democrat means you cannot be a Christian. These are mutually exclusive. If you are a Christian, you cannot have allegiance to government first and then allegiance to God. God comes before political party and while all political parties may not fulfill God’s values (nothing man-made is perfect), we should closely examine our political choices. With government so ever more powerful and large, we need to shrink it down so God can once again be put first.

By weakening the family and church and strengthening the government the people in the business of government have more power and money. Every dollar they tax weakens the church. Every law they pass weakens freedom and free will. Have they become more important than Him? Do you worship at the ballot box or at the altar? You cannot be a Christian and a Democrat. Put Him first, not government power and money.

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