Debate Two & Three: Can you Get Away With Telling Lies? Wasn’t that the Golden Rule?

By: Dr. Phil Taverna

I didn’t plan on writing about the other  presidential debates, but I
couldn’t resist. There were so many lies and exaggerated statements, I can’t
help myself.

I can only guess that Obama sat down with Biden and Axel grease and they
decided just to lie. Just keep lying. The liberal media will back you every
step of the way. If Obama doesn’t lie, he looks like a loser like he did in
his first debate. And as long as the female moderators keep protecting
Obama, it is going to be hard for Governor Romney to win a debate outright
like the first debate. But once the media and internet start taking the
Obama lies apart, Obama ends up losing in the debate and polls a few days
later. That was the same effect after the Biden debate. Laughing Joe just
looked like a fool, denying anything and everything and the polls reflected
the outcome a few days later. So just keep lying!

The craziest lie was the cost of gasoline at the pumps for the average
American. Now Obama claimed that the price of gasoline was so low when he
took office because the economy was so bad. And this good fortune of low
cost gas was the fault of President Bush. And the reason that the gasoline
has doubled is because the economy is getting better under the dreams of

Now I have not seen one liberal pundit try to support this fairy tale, not
even Bob Beckel.
So the law of supply and demand would say as the economy gets worse the
price of gasoline would go down because there are less people buying
gasoline. By all accounts the economy has worsened under Obama. Under his
economy he has lost millions of jobs to China. While his blind trust makes
money investing in Chinese investments, wait if it is a blind trust, how
come we know where Obama has his money invested? Cancel the seeing eye dog.
If Obama’s economy became worse and more people can not afford gasoline,
then the price of gasoline should have gone down. So the Obama law of supply
and demand doesn’t work. And since most people think that Obama’s policies
have failed to turn the economy around, very few people should be able to
buy Obama’s argument.

So the price of gas has gone up because Obama has allowed the oil folks to
raise the price of oil. As the commodity market goes up, the price of
gasoline will go up. And there is nothing stopping the crooks in oil from
raising the price. There is a point when it gets too high, when people start
cutting back. Then they panic and lower the price. That glass ceiling varies
a bit but it seems paying $4 dollars a gallon becomes a hardship physically
as well as mentally. And people start doing without. Let’s face it a woman
would rather spend money on contraceptives than gasoline. At least that’s
what Skippy wants you to believe. So whose fault is it that gasoline has
doubled in the last 4 years? Hint: We have only had one president in the
last four years (Three years and 9 months) .  I wonder how many politicians
have stock etc. in the oil industry? How many liberal  politicians receive
campaign contributions from the oil lobbyists? That’s also a  blind trust.
They trust that we are blind to their shenanigans!

The other problem is that Obama has cut production of oil on government
lands. And the EPA, the non-elected bureaucracy has made it more and more
difficult to produce oil in this country and to make more oil wells.  They
have eliminated many Coal jobs. Won’t find many coal workers voting for

So it becomes obvious that we can become far less dependant on foreign oil
if we can produce energy in this country.  So it is Obama regulations that
have caused oil and gasoline to become more expensive. If we were allowed to
produce our own energy in this country, we could produce energy much cheaper
than what foreign oil is costing us.    And we wouldn’t be supplying money
to our enemies.

The other problem is that Obama is one of those green energy freaks. And
Obama failed to protect the American jobs in green energy. Obama allowed GE
to undersell all green energy in America by allowing GE to produce and
manufacture green energy in China. All Obama had to do was put up a tariff
to protect  American products. Instead Obama allowed the Chinese through GE
to undersell and close down just about every green energy  manufacturing job
in America. This was a signal to the rest of the world that Obama was ready
to make GE rich and the Middle class Americans poor. Guess who buys most of
the gasoline in America? I will give you a hint. It is not the poor and it
is not the rich!

Obama was ill equipped to protect American jobs in American energy. Obama
was more concerned with the global concept of taking money from American
middle class citizens and giving it to other countries. The liberal
Democrats in the House passed Cap & Trade. The Liberals cared more about
bogus global warming than about the middle class. Obama didn’t care about
women who worked in energy jobs. Obama didn’t care how much the middle class
paid at the pump and to heat their homes. Why should he? The poor get
subsidized by middle class tax dollars. So Obama doesn’t care how much the
price of energy costs the middle class.

It is time to think American. It is time we buy American energy and tell
OPEC to shove their oil where the sun don’t shine.

It is time to vote for America. Liberals care more about spending your
middle class dollars then making more American Jobs. We need jobs. We don’t
need more taxes and regulations. The last time I checked you can’t feed your
family by trying to meet all these regulations and paying taxes. But you can
feed your family if you had a job!

Let’s send all the liberal politicians  to Europe for a long vacation. It is
time that we create American Jobs rather then a lot of Obama hot air!

You are Free to pull the lever that will give you prosperity, or would you
prefer to give the liberal Democrats prosperity!  It your turn to choose!

About The Author Dr. Phil Taverna:
Dr. Phil Taverna owns and operates his own website.

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